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Thoughts on white k70 RGB keyboard?


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Still have my original K70 RGB from when I first started here years ago, and haven't had any issues. With proper care, should last for awhile. Some helpful suggestions would be dusting it out every couple months, no food or drink spills, and no raging.
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Thinking of buying this to match my white case theme, hows the durability and performance of this keyboard ? Is it worth it ?


Aesthetic wise it's simply a work of art, the RGB is flawless and more bright than the black version, who would have guessed ? :D


There are no textured keycaps included inside the Box QWERASD like the original Black one but i didn't find it a problem, since it already uses STOCK PBT keycaps i wouldn't even think of replacing them with the Textured ones.


Honestly all of the keyboards on this range of cost should use PBT if you ask me.


The wrist rest is not the best but it's definitelly an improvement over the previous generation which was really small.


( honestly it still needs to get better )


The X on the bottom of the keyboard helps with some cable management passing through it for mouse or a headset etc.


There are a few improvements that can be done to make this a 10/10 keyboard but i can't find a better keyboard in the market to compare this with from the competition if you ask me, nothing beats the quality of this.


here's a video of my build to see how it looks like :)



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Yeah, you would think the white would get "dirtier" and it may still if your hand are dirty as well. However, the PBT material does a much better job at resisting dirt and dust. I left mine sitting out for three months on shelf. It is cleaner looking than the K95P I am using and the other K95P in a sealed bag. If you have a white theme going, it would be hard to pass on.
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