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  1. happened to me aswell, i think you need to manually increase voltage a little higher for it to work at 3600 if i put on auto it didnt work at 3600.
  2. I had a G.skill set of 2x8 gb with 3200 cl 14 and decided i wanted to go on a full corsair set and bought a kit of 4x8gb - 18-19-19-39 since there was no lower cas latency than that at 3600 mhz range. But G.Skill offers a kit of 3600 CL16-19-19-39 for the same price. So tell me whats the idea behind buying a Corsair kit which is 18 cas over a kit of G skill which is cas 16 and on top of it the corsair is 15% more expensive? You're basically buying a worse product for higher price ?
  3. Can anybody explain me what is wrong with this? It's been like this few days now and RGB Doesnt sync with iCue at all. https://imgur.com/a/5V6zolu
  4. Hello i wanted to change my G.Skill ram sticks for the Corsair Vengeace Pro RGb ones but i don't find them on the QVL of either Asus or Corsair. Will i have a problem to install them on this motherboard? Cpu Intel i7 8700K I was looking at https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/Vengeance-PRO-RGB-Black/p/CMW32GX4M2C3466C16 those honestly but not sure yet. I was thinking of a total of 32gb with 2x16gb since i will be using the 2 dummy kit for the extra RGB and since my motherboard is dual channel there is no point to get 4 sticks, i will stress out the vrm for no real reason. Or should i instead get the 2x8gb instead? What's the differences of 2x8gb and 2x16 gb on raw performance or is it just for future proofing? also on top of this, do we know which of the sticks are b-dies? My G.skill memory sticks are 3200mhz CL14 and are b-dies, i can't find any similar from Corsair. Are all the Vengeace Pro RGB line with SK hynix? Thanks for taking the time to read this :)
  5. Only Cherry MX Speeds the K70MK2 Se silver/white version is the only one that comes stock with PBT keycaps. That's the one i use right now.
  6. 460x and 570x dont have a lot of space up top for Radiators. Honestly i just mounted mine in front and it looks even better, my Cpu runs much cooler also because the front fans help on pushing air through the radiator than having the radiator Top and exhausting the hot air out. Only thing you should care about mounting top or front is looks honestly. here's a pic of how mine looks like,
  7. Technically you can RMA but they will consider the Manufactured date as a starting date of the warranty which could be an extra year or so depending how long the product was on the shelf. Your best bet is to ask for a copy of your original receipt from the shop you bought it from or else be ready for the worst.
  8. I did it so you could actually hear the sound on the video, it's only noticeable when typing fast with no headphones on. You can hear the cling cling all the time. Not all of the switches do it as I found it odd since they're all housing on the same metal plate.
  9. The problem is not from the Keycap, its laughable if you think it is. [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udgVebGIpQA[/ame] 30% of my swithces do this sound too, i decided to live with it and enjoy life but honestly if you want my humble opinion, something costing this much shouldn't behave like that.
  10. The concept of running cooler with the 2 top fans as intake makes sense but the Dust control? Isn't it more convenient to push the air out for better dust management? How is pushing Air in the case from 2 directions giving you a better dust control? That doesn't make sense to me. The only reason i put the top fans as exhaust in the first place was for dust to go out of the case, not push in from both front and top. I know there is a dust filter that helps with dust management but exhausting it instead of pushing it in sounds more logical having less dust that way doesn't it? Am i missing something?
  11. Why do i feel like i did the exact oposite thing of what you're showing? http://i64.tinypic.com/210yrn9.jpg Is it bad design? should i use the top fans as intake?
  12. Don't buy keyboards with Blue switches, problem solved :D. * Just kidding, make an RMA about this, it's not a logical behaviour from my point of view.
  13. I have the K70 mk2 Se white version and 30% of the switches do this sound, at first i was annoyed but honestly it's not a big deal for me anymore and i decided to live with it. I'd rather have this metallic surface and have this silly sound than have a plastic base and no sound if you ask me. It's definitelly something that needs to improve honestly, and it's not just that, this wrist rest is outdated AF :P. There is nothing close to the quality of the K70 mk2 Se in the market right now and trust me i have done a lot of investigation in the Market for a keyboard. I am grateful to Corsair for giving us a keyboard like this, I had like 600 Euros Razer peripherals myself, everything felt cheap AF and most died within a year of normal use where Corsair at least is giving a lot of quality with Metal/Alluminium frames on many products which gives the feeling that it's a premium product.
  14. Aesthetic wise it's simply a work of art, the RGB is flawless and more bright than the black version, who would have guessed ? :D There are no textured keycaps included inside the Box QWERASD like the original Black one but i didn't find it a problem, since it already uses STOCK PBT keycaps i wouldn't even think of replacing them with the Textured ones. Honestly all of the keyboards on this range of cost should use PBT if you ask me. The wrist rest is not the best but it's definitelly an improvement over the previous generation which was really small. ( honestly it still needs to get better ) The X on the bottom of the keyboard helps with some cable management passing through it for mouse or a headset etc. There are a few improvements that can be done to make this a 10/10 keyboard but i can't find a better keyboard in the market to compare this with from the competition if you ask me, nothing beats the quality of this. here's a video of my build to see how it looks like :) [ame] [/ame]
  15. If you contact Corsair themselves through live chat they will find you a solution, i did it and had very good custumer support, the only downside is the wait time. Anyway your problem happens with all of the keyboards, it seems you take of your keycaps off way too often to clean it and that weakens the housing of the keycap itself and will eventually break, there's no solution to that, even if they give you replacement keycaps you will break them in the near future again for sure. The best solution for you is to buy some after market set of keycaps to replace them all, preferably PBT keycaps which are more durable and built to last. They sell them on their site https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/pbt-config/p/CH-9000235-WW The ones you have are ABS and are not very durable.
  16. You have almost none except the M65 Pro and M65 Elite on white mice and the glossy finish is not very pleasant so i decided to stay away from them for now. I tried the M65 elite but i got dissapointed honestly and got a refund to buy something else. Glossy finish - collects grime fast compared to the regular coating Loose plastic on some spots of the mouse Scroll wheel made some weird grinding sounds, not satisfying at all No thumb or pinky rest Pretty small for big hands and uncomfortable for palm grip users. I was expecting a little better than that, maybe that's just me and i am a bit too picky i guess. Anyways, on the initial question, you don't have many white mice on the market except that, any plans on that changing? Since the Glaive Pro just released i thought you could make a White Mat finish version of it instead of just black? Just throwing out ideas, i am trying desperately to pair my K70 MK2 Se with a white mouse but since i was not satisfied with the m65 Elite there is no other *Corsair* option for me there :/.
  17. Ektelion


    Still 570x for me is King, i know a 360 rad doesn't fit on top but i dont mind front to be honest with 6 fans on it doing a push pull, it even looks better like that. Design team kinda overdid it with that model, although it has some disadvantages like the PSU shroud cover that was missing, the Branding logo that was only white but other than that it's still my favourite looking case ever made and i don't regret it a single bit.
  18. Happened to me lately aswell, not very often but its still there, the mouse is not even 5 month old though. I was kinda surprised at first, maybe if it gets worse i'll contact corsair aswell, today in 2 hours gaming it didn't happen, let's see.
  19. The only reason i chose G.Skill Ram over the Vengeance ones was because of my GPU and Motherboard ( Asus ) had their own RGB aura program and Asus Aura supports that Ram. I Didn't want them to be left alone so i had to sync something with them. The rest of my computer is full Corsair. 6x fans Radiator 2x Mice Keyboard Headset Headset Stand Also, design team step it up with Ram modules design, we need better looks, you're doing pretty good job at peripherals and Cases so far ;-)
  20. 6 months here no problem but i take really good care of my PC in general. Whenever i am away for more than 8 hours my PC looks like this :) https://ibb.co/jZ9Kp4X The mousepad still looks brand new no joke!
  21. Yeah, the solution is to finally create a wrist rest that is actually worth using. It seems the design team is kinda out of ideas or it looks as if they indeed believe that this is actually a good wrist rest lol. You should see how much of a mess the wrist rest of the old K70 line was, k70 lux etc, it was so small your hands didn't even fit.
  22. Nope not really, 99% of stuff there is not for Ultrawide, i am using just a regular Corsair animated wallpaper which i found for rgb and reverted my whole pc to Rainbow wave as it was... Kinda lame and i was happy i found a music reactive program which worked with Corsair. Guess i have to wait in case they finally implement that in one of the stock profiles of iCue themselves instead of 3rd party applications. Even Asus has a music reactive profile and their software sucks so much compared to iCue.
  23. apparently i found the problem on this after scratching my head for few days. It seems the problem is my Ultrawide Monitor, because the wallpaper engine gets cropped ( zoomed in ) since it's intended to be 16:9 aspect ratio the music bars extend the screen on top which is what the fans and the rest of the components take the signal to work with. If your screen is 16:9 it will work as advertised. With 21:9 it also works but on some extent which kinda makes it pointless. I tested the wallpaper engine with a music video on youtube, when i used full screen on the video the wallpaper engine stopped responding. When i minimized the Video it worked. It's lame that it doesn't work for both monitor aspect ratios since 21:9 is very common these days.
  24. Gotta check about the Sdk when I get home I am not sure. And no I don't use sonic studio for audio.
  25. After looking everywhere to find a music reactive program for all of my corsair stuff i found the wallpaper engine and Corsair-o-Tron and when i installed everything and tried to work it out i encoutered a problem Corsair ST100 Corsair m65 pro Corsair Scimitar Corsair Void Pro Corsair K70 Mk2 Corsair H150i Pro RGB Everything of the above works perfectly but the 6xML120 Rgb Fans on the other hand and the LED strips don't seem to work, they flicker a bit at start then remain on 2 different random colors static. I do not own a commander Pro at this point, everything is connected via a Node Pro. Is there something wrong i am doing? Do i need to get a commander pro? [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssamHkYKehY[/ame]
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