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Corsair Void Wireless - USB stopped working

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Hello all,


So minding my own business shooting at a few Germans on good ol' fashioned COD:UO, when my sound turned off. I thought hmm thats strange, it might have been the game, so anyway. Realised it wasnt the game.


I checked my headset and it was usual flowing through all the colours and the mic red light flashing fast, suggesting it disconnected.


As I looked at my USB aerial, I noticed it wasnt flashing or on anymore. Then a popup by Windows suggested it "Malfunctioned".


I have troubleshooted the following to No avail:


- Restarting computer

- Turning off headset and back on

- Resetting the USB by the small pin hole

- Move the USB to another slot and turning headset on


None of the above either by themselves or together make a difference. Windows still states "Does not recognise the usb or it has malfunctioned" message.



Any help appreciated? The USB did feel warm however.

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Unplugged the USB.


It has now got to the point that the plastic and the metal USB connection is SO HOT its almost giving me burns holding it for more than 3 seconds. So i have disconnected it and left it on the windowsill to cool down.


For any corsair employees: S/N 092616023508

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Hi, I had the same problem. I was reading what could be the firmware. Now do not turn on the headset, or a light. I tried to update the firmware in the iCUE (which appears with a yellow warning sign) asks me to connect the headset to the USB, I recognize but not turn on, but I do not work. HELP!



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