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  1. The LCD Upgrade Kit may be purchased here once available. In the meantime, you may sign up for notification once in stock! At the moment, the LCD is not offered in white. We're always listening to feedback, however... and we're well aware of all the input received so far. 😄
  2. Only our ELITE CAPELLIX coolers are compatible, as it features a modular pump head that is required for the LCD Upgrade Kit. Sorry!
  3. Cardioid (unidirectional), with noise-cancelling (not omnidirectional).
  4. We have not experienced any issues with AMD chipset motherboards during the COMMANDER CORE XT's testing. Adding a Lighting Node CORE controller would be an ideal solution if you need to connect more than six RGB fans. The COMMANDER CORE controller that comes with our ELITE CAPELLIX and ELITE LCD coolers would work, too.
  5. Without the stand, XENEON's weight is 5.5kg (~12 lbs). Just to verify - iCUE 4.16.194? I would try a separate USB-C cable to see if that alleviates the issue. It does not have to be USB-C to USB-C like the cable included, it may be USB-C to USB-A. For further troubleshooting, please open a ticket with our support here, they will make sure to take care of you!
  6. It'd be advised to use your incoming kit - not all lots are affected by this LED issue. If you experience any issues, then please free to open a ticket with our support here.
  7. For anyone experiencing low microphone volume, please open a ticket with our support here for a replacement, then message me your ticket # - I'll be able to help expedite the process.
  8. I recommend getting in touch with our support here if you haven't already, they'll be able to help you get a replacement kit and look into your current kit's lot #.
  9. Selling both kidneys would not be advised - how else will you enjoy the view? Thanks for chiming in, LeDoyen! As Technobeard mentions, there is an OSD menu so iCUE is not required. Otherwise, if anyone was curious, here's a screenshot from our XENEON blog that quickly highlights what you'll be able to control via iCUE.
  10. Having the connection switch located atop or even on the sides of the mouse may result in accidental switching. We'd much rather see our users win during those intense, clutch moments in a ranked game - rather than accidentally disconnect their mouse. Glad to know there are users that still appreciate mice with some weight to them! 🙂
  11. Appreciate the feedback! If you bend the microphone to angle towards your mouth more, is there any improvement with the sidetone?
  12. Thank you for your input, everyone. Will be looking into this. In the meantime - just a reminder that the microphone boom may be bent and angled closer to your mouth. I will post any updates I have here.
  13. How to Assemble CORSAIR XENEON Gaming Monitor: You can find more setup videos with XENEON here! Setup videos include iCUE 4, Elgato Flex Arm/Stream Deck, and iCUE NEXUS
  14. Aside from having iCUE and Armoury Crate up-to-date, I recommend making sure your ASUS devices/components are up-to-date as well. To update, check the Update Center in Armoury Crate's settings.
  15. For those on firmware 5.6.39, can you try forcing a firmware update to see if it provides any improvement? To do so, select your HS80 headset in iCUE, navigate to "Device Settings", check for update, then navigate to the vertical "..." that appears.
  16. Noisy pumps that emit any high frequency whine is not regular. Please open a ticket with our support if you are experiencing this. While LL RGB fans may be used as radiator fans, the ELITE CAPELLIX' ML RGB fans are a sweet balance of RGB lighting aesthetics and performance. Never heard of an "AIO mouse pad", but we'll take a look since the public demands it.
  17. I apologize to everyone experiencing an irregularly noisy pump with their ELITE CAPELLIX AIO. Please open a ticket with our support here - they'll be happy to help.
  18. Thank you for providing this information, yoann285. Has anyone checked their Headset Microphone level via Sound Control Panel? You can navigate to this by doing the following: Open "Sound settings" via taskbar's speaker icon or searchbar Click on "Sound Control Panel" on right hand side, under "Related Settings" Click on "Recording" tab Select the HS80 RGB WIRELESS and click "Properties" Click on "Levels" tab Make sure volume is set to 100, example below. If the low microphone volume persists, please provide the specific firmware and iCUE version being used (screenshots are even better) - that would be greatly appreciated. We are looking into this.
  19. Hi DudleyRed, Were you able to resolve the issue? If the issue is still occurring, please open a ticket with our support here - they will happily assist you in getting replacement fans.
  20. Hi nezff, Sorry to hear you have been experiencing this issue with your QL fans. If you haven't already, please open a ticket with our support here - they will happily assist you in getting replacement fans.
  21. Hi everyone, Sorry to hear some of you have been experiencing a LED issue with your QL fans. Please open a ticket with our support here, they will happily assist you in getting replacement fans.
  22. What HS80 firmware and iCUE version is everyone running with this issue?
  23. Hi Vial, Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. I've converted your post into a ticket - our support will happily look into this and take care of you.
  24. Sorry to hear. Opening a ticket would be recommended, our support will take care of you. We've remedied the LED issue - you may have received an older lot. Please contact support here if you haven't already, they'll be able to assist you.
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