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k70 RGB mk2 LP blocking windows boot

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I just got this keyboard a few days ago and had windows updates and had to restart my computer and would not get past my omen logo screen. So the keyboard is blocking windows from booting. I unplugged the keyboard and did a hard reset and would boot then state keyboard error. I took it back to best buy and exchanged for another. Guess what doing the same thing. I have tried this keyboard on my laptop and works just fine for fresh boots and restarts. I have gotten with CS and got a ticket in and they told me to check windows updates, reinstall iCUE and go from there... Nothing has fixed the issue. Anyone have any ideas?


My K55 works fine same with regular keyboard as well.


HP Omen with intel 17-7700

16gb ram

500gb 970 EVO SSD

1tb hd

GTX 1070

stock build minus the SSD i added.

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legacy is for older versions from what i see. i am not super tech or computer savy. i can do a lot of stuff but not all. so maybe i am not understanding what you are saying to do then or if there is a different way i am supposed to do this. this keyboard should not be a legacy item. and to the best of my ability in my device manager all the drivers for everything are up to date. Corsair isnt even getting back with me on a fix either. I am about to just return this and not buy corsair items again...
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I have encountered the same problem with the exact same keyboard. HP Omen 870-224 (I5-7400, 16gb, GTX1060) with the new Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 Low Profile that I bought yesterday. I swapped keyboard live while the system was running and have been using it since (falling in love with the keyboard btw).. Applied a firmware update via iCue right after installing it. Anyway, just a few minutes ago I had to reboot and the system would not POST. Ended up I had to disconnect the keyboard to get the system to POST and boot up. Some kind of incompatibility here. Going to tinker with it and see if I can find a resolution other than having to unplug the keyboard to reboot.
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This is happening to me as we speak. Just got the keyboard, same situation. Exchanged it at best buy and the new one is still doing the same thing. Works fine until I have to shut down or restart my PC and I’m stuck at a black screen. I have to force shut down my pc and unplug the k70 and turn it back on, and replug it in once I can sign into my Windows profile. I’m surprised for how long this has been out the issue isn’t fix and there aren’t any solutions. Did you guys figure this out ?
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Hey guys, same issue here.


First, this issue does not occur at every cold boot from me. This is more of a random and annoying event that triggers every 3 to 5 times.


I have to precise that I got this issue the first time I plugged the keyboard to my computer and that this computer booted (and still boots) perfectly fine with any other keyboard and without the K70 connected to it.


This issue seems to be known for several years now but the Corsair team either does not manage to fix it or just doesn’t care. Which is a shame for a €180 keyboard.


  1. For those who might have the same issue, here are some advice that might make your life easier.
    On my PC, unplugging the keyboard does not fix the problem. I have to switch off the alim to reset everything before booting again.
    But I have found another way to get the PC to boot which is much faster: Pressing the reset button on my case does the trick. The PC reboots without stopping the fans and all. This is much safer that wildly shutting down the PC by holding the power switch.
    I have also noticed that this boot issue triggered less often if the internal memory of the keyboard was empty. (Just delete the internal presets on the keyboard and let iCUE manage the lighting).
  2. My theories:
    Today, I have plugged a Logitech G Pro X (headphone) to my PC and it caused the computer to repeatedly boot and shutdown. Only by unplugging both the headphone and the keyboard, I managed to get the PC to boot.
    The common point of those is that they have an integrated memory. I have read online some posts from people having the same issue which were saying that the boot problem might come from the PC thinking those are USB drives and trying to boot on it.

Maybe this is a lead, maybe not. Anyway, I’d like to keep this thread running.


I have seen that most of the threads about this boot issue on K70 Mk.2 and K55 keyboards were closed or forgotten for years. This is a shame as no one has ever found a solution.


So keep updating plz !

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Hello again,


After a litle exchange with the Corsair support, we came up with a solution.

In my case, the issue came from my BIOS version.

From the start when I built this PC back in September 2020, the orange DRAM LED on the motherboard stayed on for a few seconds when booting.


For months I didn't have any boot issue tho. Until I switched my old keyboard for a K70 Mk.2. And this is when I started having regular boot issues. Where the orange DRAM LED would stay on forever, blocking the boot sequence.


But looking back, it seems that the unstability due to the BIOS version (0603) was triggered by any device mounted with an internal memory. I had the same issue with my Logitech headphone.


Now that I have installed the latest BIOS version, the DRAM LED does not even turn on when booting. I am now one week post update and not a single boot issue. Plus, the PC boots a few seconds faster now.


Oh, and the DRAM LED I am talking about is part of the Q-LED indicators which are not present on every motherboard. And if you do have them, you might not see them if you don't have an open case.


Disclaimer from my last post:


  • My memory's drivers were up do date long before updating the BIOS along with every possible component mounted on the PC.
  • Fast boot was on and there was only one boot option possible wich was my SSD. So, the PC should not even have bothered to look for USB drives to boot on. Therefore the "My PC tries to boot on my keyboard" theory does not hold.


That's all. I hope this will save someone's time and energy.

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I have updated my BIOS to the most recent version:



Version:F.27 Rev.A

Operating systems:Windows 10 (64-bit)

Release date:May 30, 2019

File name:sp96779.exe

System still will not boot up if this keyboard is attached to it.  Insane that it's been and issue for 4 years and still is not been fixed.

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