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chair bearings


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Same here, Noticed today that around 12 bearings have come out of the wheel hinge part, That is some seriously sub par quality considering the price of these chairs.


Also you may want to update your support system, Under "Select Product Family" there is no choice for chair.


I know at Corsair you guys love profit above all else as that's a companys main goal, Hence why these extremely cheap Chinese made bearings are all over my floor, But come on, You charge a lot for a chair that comes from the same factory as ALL the other gaming chairs on the market, Least you guys could do is pony up a tiny bit and make sure bearings don't fall out after 3 weeks of use, I looked around and found the exact same type of wheels that you use on the T1 and T2 chairs, They cost $15 on Amazon and all who purchased these wheels have reported the exact same thing that's happening here, Ball bearings falling out after a short amount of time.


For the price you charge for these chairs you should have had redesigned wheels so this problem doesn't happen.



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Hello guys, i bought a t1 chair a few month ago here in belgium and i'm starting to have the same problem with the bearings.


How do i contact the support ? When i try making a ticket, it ask me the series product and the chair are not in there.


Ty for the reply.

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