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  1. Hi peeps. So I recently switched over to an AMD DDR5 setup, Installed the latest version of iCUE4, Everything went smooth as butter, Upgraded to iCUE5 and it makes my system hang. I watched the performance manager video on the official Corsair Labs YouTube channel and it notes changing the memory profile in the bios to "user profile"... this is not in my motherboards bios, It's either EXPO or default. I'm guessing this is why the performance manager makes my system hang, If I go back to the latest version of iCUE4 everything runs smoothly again. Is there any possible way you could make the performance manager an optional plugin please ? I'd like to slowly get some new Corsair products like the Link eco system but if I can't control them there's no point, Or maybe even talk with ASRock about their AM5 motherboards so they could update the bios' of their AM5 boards, Either would be pretty nice.
  2. I don't know if the developers of the actual software ever actually read these comments but is there any chance you guys could work with ASRock to make the DDR5 "performance manager" compatible with their boards please ? So far it causes lock ups and systems hangs. If I completely uninstall iCUE5 and reinstall the last version of iCUE 4 everything works fine. I'd like to buy some Corsair Link products but as the newer ones require iCUE5 it means I am unable to until you decide to fix it or not, If not I'll just start buying LianLi's products.
  3. Ever since you introduced the "performance manager" for DDR5 I haven't been able to use iCUE5 even though I do not touch the performance manager, Went back to the last version of iCUE4 and it is now fully stable, Tried this new version, Same issue, Instability, System hangs.
  4. Went to play Far Cry 5 with the Corsair lighting option enabled ingame but instead of my LL fans and Capellix AIO, Case etc... all lighting up they all went dark. I read around it could be due to a bad install but even with a clean install it simply doesn't work. I remember ages ago it working very well but looks like an iCUE update has completely broken it.
  5. Hey Corsair peeps, Is there any chance we could get a few more colour choices for these please ? "Premium Individually Sleeved 12+4pin PCIe Gen 5 12VHPWR 600W Cable Type 5 Gen 5" I bought the black one a few days ago for my Shift X PSU but I'd love to be able to buy one of these in green, RGB 255 value level of green 😁
  6. With the 5000T and 7000D cases having a little PSU shroud cutout I've seen people put little screens inside the shroud to display CPU/GPU clocks, Temps etc... and they look really nice.... but what if you brought one out that was slim and refined that would click into the cutout from inside of the shroud and then connect to power and display via the necessary connectors ?
  7. Just curious but as this is an ATX 3.0 PSU why is there no native 12VHPWR port ? BeQuiet, MSI, Asus, Coolermaster, Seasonic, DeepCool, Silverstone and Thermaltake ATX 3.0 PSU's from what I have seen all have a native 12VHPWR port ranging from 750w to 1200w and they all came out around the same time frame as these Shift "ATX 3.0" PSU's, So why not Corsair ?
  8. The Shift PSU comes with a 2x8 pin to single 12VHPWR that goes direct from PSU to the card... is that actually enough though for a 4090 considering the stock Nvidia adapter requires 4x8 pins ?
  9. As the 5000T's LED strips connect to the included Commander Core via 1 simple detachable wire to the LED port is there any chance the new Hub coming out in Q3 will have a single simple LED port for 5000T owners so we can ditch the Commander Core ?
  10. Wondering if someone could enlighten me if the latter is replacing the former as the latter has higher CFM, Higher static pressure and higher top speed than the former but both cost the same price but the former uses magnetic levitation so will last longer and potentially be quieter. I ask as I'm trying to get more of the ML Premium fans to finish off my system but everywhere seems to have stopped stocking them. Is the magnetic levitation fan EOL ?
  11. Managed to get one of these brand new from a local store going out of business for next to nothing in a stock clearance, Lovely case but noticed there is a little bit of a vibrating buzzing that happens due to the glass door having little to no dampening material where it contacts the metal part of the case. I used some spare little adhesive backed rubber strips and the buzzing sound from the vibration has disappeared completely. If any Corsair employee reads this please consider passing this along to the relevant people to add during production some simple and cheap rubber strips that will take whoever puts these together in China about 10 seconds per case, They were £1 for me and will be likely next to nothing for you per case. Example photo, I've now also done the top and bottom to eliminate vibrational buzzing. Not important for me but for new customers paying £349.99 they shouldn't need to spend even more money to add in dampening that should already be there.
  12. Every now and then when I reboot my rig I will see 1 of my 4 memory modules, Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB RT, Have a section that is slightly brighter, To correct this I open iCUE, Go into the memory tab -> Lighting Effects, And then deselect and reselect all the memory and the issue is fixed, Please remedy this with the next version🙂 From what I can see it is indeed there, Works for both still images and gifs.
  13. Is there any chance you guys could release different housings for the screen ? The plastic housing is immensely easy to remove, A couple of screws, Few clips, Literally 20 seconds work and it comes off, Done it a few times for friends painting their black housings different colours. I have the black variant of the screen upgrade kit but would love to swap out the black housing for the ice clear housing. Would be cool if you guys started selling it separately.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't done the mod yet but I've borrowed a friends Dremmel and will be doing it in the next week or so, Then i just need to construct some type of frame to neaten it up.
  15. Thanks for the reply, Yeah it's within a 0.8% difference so like you say well within spec 🙂
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