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  1. In this instance though what would constitute a ton of RGB ? 1 x Capellix AIO, 10 x Corsair QL RGB fans all controlled via a Commander Core, Commander Pro and Lighting Node ?
  2. A bit far out there but I'd love to see a tempered glass mouse pad for ultra smooth gliding.
  3. Shouldn't a high end Corsair PSU already be sufficient ?
  4. So I'm trying to find the Corsair HD120 RGB fans which in my opinion are Corsairs best looking fans to date, Decent static pressure and airflow too, Sadly for whatever reason Corsair decided to go with fisher price looking fans like the LL and QL and discontinued the HD line, In the UK does anyone know of anywhere selling any ? Trying to get my hands on 3 x 120's to finish my build but it's proving difficult without paying extortionate prices on ebay.
  5. 1 thing I'd love to see as an optional purchase in the Corsair store for the 5000 series is a new vented side panel, Made in the same style as the 5000D Airflow front panel.
  6. Oh well, Guess it's time for a different brand then, Shame really as your newer fans look horrendous and cheap.
  7. Maybe the programmers could implement a section within iCUE 4 for legacy hardware ?
  8. If you come out with a K65 sporting OPX switches this'll be an instant purchase for me, The hollow sound I can easily fix myself with some foam/neoprene or you could spend a few cents per keyboard and implement this yourselves during manufacturing :winking:
  9. Helping a friend build a new rig and for fans he wanted to go with the very slick looking Corsair HDRGB's, These - As I also have 8 of them in my system he loves the looks, They perform well and look very clean, No garish gamery angles, Just clean looks but getting them is nigh impossible, So far we've only managed to get 3x120's and that's it. Have you discontinued these in favour of your newer garish cheapy looking fans ?
  10. Bit of a concern there bud, You are basically saying Corsair products have a "use by date" of around 4 years, This is quite the red flag.
  11. As far as I can see it's a general issue with iCUE 4 even after doing a clean installation, I went back to the latest release of iCUE 3 and there are zero problems. Also in your next update of iCUE 4, Don't have iCUE run background processes like "Corsair MSI Motherboard" or "Corsair Headset" etc... these are totally unnecessary for the people like myself that don't own an MSI motherboard or a Corsair headset, The former of which actually kept my CPU pinged at boost clock speeds when idle, I killed the process and my clocks when back to normal, Temps came down etc... Maybe even go so far as to include a check list during installation for the bare minimum so no unnecessary bloat gets installed.
  12. Upon first boot my ram, Vengeance Pro RGB, Is not the colour I set it in iCUE. I have it set to green but for some reason upon first boot all the sticks are red, I have to go in and manually change it each time.
  13. It's a nice looking keyboard but there are a few issues with it. General Build The general structure is solid but there is a lot of empty space inside the chassis beneath the PCB which gives a very echo/hollow sound profile while using it, This could've easily been averted by using some thick neoprene or other space filling foam material to fill in the hollow and absorb sound, The custom keyboard community does this all the time and it works very well and is super cheap. Key Switch Quality I'm not sure if this first batch of Cherry Red and Speeds are just a bit wonky but I've heard 6 different K65's now, 5 in video reviews and 1 in person having used a friends, He works at a big computer retail store, All the switches have a horrible spring "tinging" sound, Dimitri at Hardware Canucks noted this as well. Choice of Switches The standard mechanical switches mixed with the 8000Hz polling rate, This mix makes absolutely no sense other than to check a marketing box as standard mechanicals cannot take advantage of this, Optical switches like those found in Razers Huntsman line or Roccats Vulcan Optical line however can and Razers Huntsman Mini is roughly the same price as the K65, Optical switches, Not to be confused with analogue, Would've been a far more logical choice especially when paired with 8K polling. I'll wait a while and see if you come out with a V2 to part with my money, It's promising you actually listened to the community, Me being one who also asked in these very forums, But some due diligence on 60% keyboards prior to design and manufacturing would've paid off, You could've quite literally spent a couple of days doing research on YouTubes expansive custom keyboard videos, Reddits very large custom keyboard community, Come out the other side with much better design choices and been a true stand out among keyboards on the market, Sadly not though, Details matter.
  14. 1 thing that needs to be amended is unnecessary tasks running in the background, I do not own an MSI motherboard but with iCUE 4 there is a "Corsair MSI motherboard" task running that uses up to 7% of my CPU and keeps clocks high when they don't need to be.
  15. Don't forget to give it a detachable USB-C cable :D:
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