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Programming Lighting for Games


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I recently decided to look up what my k70Lux RGB can do. I got it last year as a Christmas present and never looked into exactly what all it was capable of. I found some really cool stuff like custom profiles and programs that have custom lighting effects for various games (like far cry 5). However, there are a lot of games that I specifically enjoy that I feel are in need of similar effects.


As with almost every ambition that comes to my mind, this is probably way more complex than I have time for, but I would still like to know if theres a way I can program my own lighting effects for the games I enjoy most that haven't already been done by someone with more talent than me.


If anyone has information on how to make homebrew lighting effects that can interact with a game you choose, please let me know.


Purple Robot

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You would create profiles for your games, it is as simple as tying them to the EXE. Some effects could take action based on a certain button press. There are many ways to go about it. Might depend on what your target outcome is.


If you want it to react to events without timers or keypresses based on what happens in game, exactly like farcry5, then you need a little more complex SDK and game state integration. That would involve some code, but if you have the profiles all set and a game that supports that type of thing (Game State integration), it is very doable. there are only a few games that support it though

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