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Keys not displaying the correct colour


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I have had this strafe for a long time now, and I haven't wanted to replace it.


It seems its finally kicked the bucket, the following keys display yellow:

-Alt GR








And my left control key refuses to display any colour except red, turning itself off when my blue ripple effect passes over it...


I went to run a firmware update, but it says it doesn't have one, im also worried it may be a hardware issue...


I have attached 2 images demonstrating this issue, with the colour set to all white, but the keys showing up differently


Any insight corsair?



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Same thing happened to my K70. I get a row of keys displaying green on boot up. I tried a soft reset, hard reset and nothing worked. I even took it apart but could see nothing wrong.


How old is your keyboard? Mine is 4 years old.




Mine is closer to 2 years old now, shorter than I want the lifespan to be for an expensive keyboard like the strafe

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I imagine some of the leds inside of the rgb led have died. The problem I have with my k70 lights is that one or two won't match the others (assuming pure white), but it can change from key to key seemingly randomly (every few days). I imagine the problem is the controller, but I stopped caring so long as I can see them. Edited by madcap123
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