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Corsair Scimitar causing fps drops with cue


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So I have encountered this for the majority of this week which is when it started, I don't understand why it happens but it does for all games, so what happens is that at first everything is fine and then suddenly after using my computer for a while the mouse will start causing fps drops like from 120 static to 80 and dropping every time I move my mouse.


The only fixes I know about for it at the moment is unplugging the mouse and plugging it back it in causing a temp solution however it will start happening maybe 5-10 mins later, the other fix is logging out or restarting my computer and that fixes it for maybe a couple of hours.


I have tried an older install of cue and it hasn't worked and I have tried resetting the firmware on the mouse. I do also have two other corsair devices being a k70 rapidfire and a void and they also seem affected.


Also I couldn't make a support ticket since I got this error code: CE5F114C-8EA2-4262-98A9-FB3AD82F1031

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