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Scimitar RGB Elite Not Functioning without constant ICUE running for MacOS

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I have been using my Scimitar RGB Elite MMO mouse for MacOS for about 6 months now. Up until the recent software update I was able to execute linked actions in FF14 such as Shift+1 and CTRL+2 using the mouse for the numeric input and my keyboard for the Shift and CTRL modifiers without ICUE running in the background. I currently have the most recent update of ICUE and the mouse software but the ability for this function to work without ICUE running doesn't exist anymore. When I have ICUE running it works normally but when I close it the modifiers cease to work and the output is just 1, 2, 3 or whatever I set the hardware bind to. Is there any way to keep the modifiers functioning outside of having to run ICUE in the background all the time? Or is that the only way I can use the modifiers?

Thank you.

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