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Performance Issue with iCUE Running


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I recently started using iCUE with my LL fans but have run into a few problems with performance on my PC.


When I'm using Discord with iCUE running in the background, both my voice and my friend's voices stutter, with game audio also stuttering when discord is open. I had a look round on here and found that some users had some similar issues and it was due to memory leaks.


The only way to fix the issue on my end is to quit iCUE, and stop the Corsair.Service process, but this of course means that my amazing RGB setup that I've got going that 100% helps me become the best gamer around stops, and I'm left with the default rainbow. Due to me stopping the Corsair.Service it also slows my radiator fans, and switches off my exhaust fans, making the CPU temp rise pretty dramatically.

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