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iCUE service for MSI motherboards support high resources usage


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I have noticed that iCUE service for MSI motherboards support has a high CPU and Power usage.


Is that something new coming to iCUE? I don't see any MSI motherboard in iCUE except for the sensors support.


Is this load normal?


My Mb is MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC (MS-7B85).

iCUE 4.9.350




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I have the same issue, the "iCUE service for MSI motherboards support" process is consumping around 10-50% of the CPU, the power consumption never goes under "Very High". As there is no possibility of controlling the motherboards RGB with iCUE (would be very cool becaus the Dragon Center is garbage as it does not work properly in my case) I could only imagine that it has something to do with reading sensor values, but I haven't tested that yet. (I have the temp and fan sensors displayed im my dashboard, thats the only point where I can say that iCUE is accessing MSI stuff).


iCUE Version is 4.9.350 as well






Removing every sensor and other stuff out of the dashboard and sensor section on the starting page did NOT fix the issue, the process is still there, it seems you could simply kill it but it will appear on every restart of iCUE.

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Adding further testing results
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Just wanted to add on here that I'm having the same issue. Ryzen 3600 with iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT on an MSI B550 Gaming Edge motherboard. iCUE service for MSI Motherboards uses 10-15% of the CPU at boot. Edited by Toast97
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