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Found 7 results

  1. I recently installed custom water cooling hydro x series. Water Block and the GPU block. I have the 360mm rad and I have 3 120mm corsair SP fans on them. mounted on the top of my case exhausting. So my issue right now is my cpu is running pretty hot to where my Game ( Star Citizen ) is crashing windows due to high temps. I have a i7 9700K oc to 5.0 voltage 1.320 i'm sitting around low 70 to high 60s most the time but when it spikes to high 70percent usage to 80 percent usage . the temp will spike to 80c. which isnt good. Probably the reason why my windows os crash mid game. I come from thr h115i AIO and never saw over 71c on stress testing. I'm alittle disappointed with the temps to the amount of money I spent on eveything. Any ideas? Anything I can try or do to help this. My coolant temp sits at 42c when its running in game. side note. I under clocked it to 4.9ghz to 1.31 volts. and the temps are way better and seeing better performance due to the lower temps. low to mid 60s at 100 percent usage. But I shouldnt have to go to 4.9 when I can achieve 5.0 but the temps are limiting me. Thanks in Advanced!
  2. iCUE makes my CPU think their is a heavy load on the CPU and causes it to boost higher than necessary. This results in high idle voltages, increased power draw, and increased heat output. If I close iCUE the CPU idles as expected at 2.2 ghz, 0.8v, etc, but if I enter iCUE then I boost to 4.3 ghz, 1.45v, etc. I can work around this by enabling Windows Power Saver Power Plan, but this doesn't really solve the issue and I need to switch power plans when I am gaming, updating, etc. I have tried multiple power plans, Windows Balanced, Ryzen Balanced, Custom, etc. and this does not fix the issue. I am at a loss as to why this is happening and this issue was not around in July of 2019 as far as I can remember. I have the latest version of everything, Windows, BIOS, Drivers, iCUE, etc. If anyone else is experiencing this issue or knows of a fix please let me know. i assume this might be a bug in iCUE, but I am not sure.
  3. Just finished my PC Build for a workstation and I'm a bit confused as to the temperatures I'm seeing. I have a 9900X with a H100i cooling it. I'm seeing the coolant temps in iCUE range fro 32C (baseline) to as high as 42C for heavy workloads, but it's mostly around 38C for most cpu heavy work. The issue is that I'm seeing CPU temps as high as 78C and it'l hang there for a while. I'm not overclocking my CPU except for enabling XMP. I was thinking about OC a little bit to help with render times, but not until I better understand what I'm seeing here. My Cpu temps have been around 36C at idle, and around 60C during rendering, but there are times when the temps spike in the high 70s for a while during heavy rendering. After seeing that, I've switched my Pump from Balanced to Extreme while the Cooler Fans have been using the Balanced Fan curve. That has kept the highest temps down to 74C, but the setting just seem way too high for a non overclocked CPU. Are these normal temps that I'm seeing or is there something wrong? I feel that I'm being overly cautious, but I can't help it. I've ordered a Commander Pro to centralize all the fan controls, but it'll be a few days before I can get it. I set iCUE to launch on startup, but I still have to manually launch it for some reason. does it need to be actively open for the profiles to run properly? CPU: Intel 9900X not overclocked VCORE (VCPU in iCUE) doesn't move from .94V even though the graph moves around a lot, Vcore in HWiNFO64 peaked at 1.176V Coolant temp peaked @ 42C, hangs around 39C for heavy loads and 32C for baseline. Ambient Temps are around 24C CPU Cooler is top mounted as intake (Push) GPU is Nvidia 2080 ti Waterforce front mounted in push/pull testing temperatures in HWiNFO64 sensor status and iCue (since the H100i sensor readings don't show up in HWiNFO)
  4. Hello, I have noticed a strange behaviour with my newly acquired Corsair H115 RGB platinum and I thought about asking directly for the community's advice since I am new to liquid cooling. Basically, what happened is that I tried to run a small stress test on my CPU with a software called AIDA64 and as soon as the load on the cup reached 100% various softwares (core temp, AIDA 64 itself, etc....) warned me about the CPU temp (cores and packages) skyrocketing to 70°C. All of this happened while the H115I radiator's fans kept their initial RPM (around 600 i think). After five minutes of stress test running, given that the CPU still had 70°C or more and the radiators fan were not reacting, I stopped the test fearing damage to the CPU. After doing some research and one more short test I've noticed that the radiator fans are programmed in iCUE to react in according to the temperature of the coolant. While I agree that for a liquid cooler reacting to the coolant's temperature is the most appropriate behaviour, what concerns me is that coolant itself gained just a couple of degrees (from 28 to 30) while the CPU was way over 70°C. Is it normal? Or maybe is my unit faulty? I don't know much about liquid cooling but I do remember that when I was using air cooling I never reached those hight temps on the CPU, I am worried that any demanding and stressful task I might do in the future could possibly damage my CPU because the coolant does not react fast enough to the CPU temperature changes. Is that how things work with all liquid coolers or do I have a faulty unit? Are there some test I can do to make sure everything works correctly? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, My PC is from February 2016 and I recently cleaned it for the first time, as I was beginning to see the temperatures rise on my CPU to about 70 c under load. I cleaned my watercooler radiator (Corsair H115i Pro) and after booting up and stress-testing, I immediately saw a sharp increase in temperature to about 80 c under load. I first thought that I had turned the fans the wrong way around, so I reversed them. I now saw an increase to 90-100c under load. I put them back to the original position but I still see the same 90-100 c temperatures along with idling at 60-70c. The temperatures are very spirratic so I had first come to the conclusion that it would be a connection issue between the heatsink and the CPU, so I reseated it along with reapplying thermal paste. This did not help. All components are stock speeds. This is speccy showing the temperatures of my CPU watching a 1080p 60 fps video on YouTube. The first large spike in the middle is me opening the video. And this is closing that video, along with about 3 minutes of idle. I closed the video at around the middle of the graph. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
  6. I recently started using iCUE with my LL fans but have run into a few problems with performance on my PC. When I'm using Discord with iCUE running in the background, both my voice and my friend's voices stutter, with game audio also stuttering when discord is open. I had a look round on here and found that some users had some similar issues and it was due to memory leaks. The only way to fix the issue on my end is to quit iCUE, and stop the Corsair.Service process, but this of course means that my amazing RGB setup that I've got going that 100% helps me become the best gamer around stops, and I'm left with the default rainbow. Due to me stopping the Corsair.Service it also slows my radiator fans, and switches off my exhaust fans, making the CPU temp rise pretty dramatically.
  7. So i just notice that my max temp in cinebench doing de CPU test is 76C with the USB 2.0 unplugged from the AIO H100IV2... when i connect it my temps go up to 92c on the package and even getting 99C... idk what is going wrong with it... i just change the thermalpaste and the issue keeps going... i really dont feel the radiator hot to be on "99c"... only the tubes are warm... help pls my cpu is a 7820x on a tuf mark 2, when i just get the water cooling everything was cool with the usb 2.0... can someone explain me what does the usb2.0 connector on the pump does apart from the rgb lights?, thx
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