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Ram stuck at 2666

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I recently purchased 4x16 GB sticks of Vengeance RGB Pro. Installed them, everything went fine. Fired up CPU-Z to see 2666. Checked task manager and 2666. Went into bios, newest update, 2666. Set it to 3200, XMP on auto Config, reboot, 2666 again. Setting says 3200 but it sits at 2666. Set it to DOCP, 3200, motherboard Orange light, no boot, CMOS needs reset. Ai tweaker auto tune sets it to 2731. I've never manually set Ram before. If you can help or have a guide, I'd be super happy and appreciative. 


ROG Strix b-450 Gaming ii Motherboard

Liquid cooled

Ryzen 7 5800x CPU


Vengeance RGB Pro and optimized 4x16 sticks 3600mhz


Lost my sanity somewhere in the build so I no longer have that. 



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