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Hi all,


I'vee been having high CPU usage with iCUE throughout quite a few versions now which actually affects me to the point that i need to quit the app and just go with hardware settings. The corsair.service process uses constantly around 7.5% cpu until i quite the software, it then returns to around 1% thereafter.


After researching this, I don't have any RGB ram to disable in iCUE which some people have reported is the issue.


Software version is 3.28.75


Corsair mouse is v3.08

COmmander pro v0.9.212

Obsidian 1000d is v0.9.212

3x lighting node pro's are at : v0.10.4


I've tried a clean install of iCue, removing all widgets from the monitoring dashboard, disabled plugins and SDK, show only connected devices, everything. I even forced the latest firmware update across all devices just in case something was corrupted.


Also, despite the CPU usage being 7.4%, bear in mind this is a 24 core CPU, it actually causes things to hang slightly like windows explorer when browsing directories and really affects the performance of After Effects which almost seems like it is taking up the hard drive, which again is an NVMe by the way!


I have read elsewhere that it could be something to do with the threadripper CPU.


I've attached system info and logs.


System specs are:


CASE: Corsair Obsidian 1000D

COOLANT 01 : EK-CryoFuel Solid Cloud White

COOLANT 02: EK-CryoFuel Solid Electric Purple

Corsair iCue Intelligent RGB x9 LL120 Fans

Corsair iCue Intelligent RGB x3 LL140 FansCorsair iCue 4x internal RGB stripsCorsair iCue 3x modified RGB strips (behind monitor)


CPU: AMD Threadripper 2970WX @ 3.9GHz 24-Core


M2 SSD: 500GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD

1TB WD Blue 2.5" SSD2TB physical Raid0 Array

MEMORY: 64GB HyperX Fury(4x16GB) DDR4/3200mhz Dual Channel

MOBO: Asrock X399 Taichi

GPU: 3 x RGB EK Block Watercooled MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB

PSU: Corsair AX1200i 1200W 80+ Platinum



Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse

3DConnexion 3D Spacemouse

Logitech Craft Keyboard

KRK Rokit 6 Monitor speakers

43" Samsung 120hz Curved monitor

Nuraphone 106 headphones

Herman Miller Aeron Chair


Please help :)


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In the same boat as you, albeit a 3600X with a B450. High CPU usage, causes constant voltage pulls of 1.4+, hate to not have iCUE installed with all the Corsair products I have.


Is there no way to disable monitoring on icue?

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Is there no way to disable monitoring on icue?


Not at the moment... let’s hope Corsair will add in future releases.

iCue is great for RGB management but not so good for sensors monitoring.



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This has been a problem for such a long time...so I think Corsair just doesn't care.


What you can do:

Store every RGB setting to hardware profiles in iCUE (default for fan curves).

Then uncheck "Start on system startup" in iCUE. This diables only the start of the iCUE application not the service. But the service seems to be no problem concerning CPU load.


Now most of the problems are gone. But there's hardware that has no "hardware profile" like the Polaris MM800 RGB.

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So, i stumbled on something last night accidentally!


I OC'ed all of my 2080ti's and i've been doing some heavy GPU rendering. My 1200w PSU seems not to be enough to be stable for rendering heavy 3D with those overclocks and my machine kept shutting down due to not enough power.


While I was trying to diagnose this initially, my third 2080ti doesnt yet have watercooling and where my other cards sit comfortably at 40 degrees under full load, i was up to 65 with the naturally aspirated.


I started using iCue space to see my temps and was like, hold on a sec! So, the iCue space already had all of the widgets in it, even though i'd removed them from the dashboard within iCue itself. I removed everything from there and my iCue usage is now 0.7%!

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I was checking why my cores where always so high even on idle, and my surprise, even icue is not using resources, it keeps my cores at full speed always, just closed and all my clocks went down. Perhaps is the same problem with the lightingservice.exe of asus, where the lighting efects in the mobo, while effects you have, more resources will use?
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Asus lighting service will go down to 0 when you go on static color.

iCue will use the same CPU time in static or with a good fat profile.

But.. Aura only does lighting...


Indeed, now that I uninstalled icue and have a static color in aura my clock speed just get down... Still figuring out how to work with corsair icue without the high clock speed in my CPU tax...

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I'm almost sure the high CPU usage comes from its monitoring support.


Even if nothing is in the dashboard or Space. When you load any monitoring item there you'll notice the graph spans several minutes back, meaning the monitoring is always on, for everything, even non corsair related things. I can understand you need some if you plan to use any temperature as color driver. But if I don't use any monitoring besides my AIO's then icue should stop using resources to monitor things that I'm not even using.


I have tried placing RGB layer over layer to see what's the CPU impact and I could not see the CPU usage going up.


I keep asking Corsair to remove or allow disabling all these unrelated monitor features and they just won't listen. So I suggest you guys to do the same in the changelog threads.


Ultimately, we use better monitoring already, namely HWInfo. No need for any of this bloatware.

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It seems they stopped uploading changelogs...

I use it for AIO fan profiles and the keyboard, also I have Logitech (hotas config) and Steelseries engine background services and none of them causing this stress to my CPU.

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Well, a changelog was due for this version, but it's dragging..



I wonder what takes so long.. At work i have changelogs for our apps before the updates are out..

It would be good to be able to communicate with the development team to try to bridge that gap between what Corsair wants to do with iCue and how users actually want to.. use it.

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While I have an older CPU, I'm a 23-year veteran programmer and I write drivers for a living. I keep my computer VERY UNloaded (as close to 0% as possible), because I want/need the horsepower for more important things.


Firstly, I want to commend Corsair, as they have done a HUGE amount of things right. I've purchased RAM, power supplies, and especially keyboards (the only ones that let me type as fast as I want to, and do so accurately).


I just got another keyboard (K70 LUX) to add to a laptop I am using (older CPU, Intel i5, 8GB RAM (plenty, I don't use all of it) and 1TB SSD for main drive), and while I am very happy with the keyboard, iCUE software has made a turn for the worse, and I'm not sure when it happened. Specifically iCUE is taking 11-15% CPU despite the fact that all I want to do is lower the brightness of the LEDs a bit. I don't have any LED animation or changing going on. And I have made sure that all the sensor monitoring on the DASHBOARD is turned off (turning it on makes it go up to 30%!). This 11-15% loading is true including when the iCUE UI is not displayed.


I got an account on this forum because I was unhappy with how much CPU power iCUE.exe was taking. I suspect there are things that can be done with the iCUE (e.g. profiling) that would make it a great deal more efficient. A great deal of CPU loading is how efficient the source code is made. (Trust me, I live and breathe this fact every day in the drivers that I write. Sometimes I write in assembly language because CPU efficiency is very important in my work.) When all I want to do is lower the brightness of the keys a bit without any changing or animation, that shouldn't take any CPU (0% or unmeasurable). And given that I don't have any fancy patterns or animation going, in my opinion, < 1% CPU would be acceptible, but not 11-15%. I almost wish I could join your software/firmware team because I could knock down the CPU load by 10X I'm pretty sure.


Anyway, if you would please, pass this along to the development team, I would appreciate it. If I were their manager, I would be telling them to find out what is consuming CPU time merely to run LEDs.... Something isn't quite right.


Respectfully submitted,


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I registered just to post this, because in 2021 this issue still plagues the program. Having installed the Ryzen balanced power plan, I was disappointed to see the Corsair service causing high CPU usage, in my case from Corsair.Service.exe. The issue has followed me through several versions of the program. It's very frustrating since it keeps the CPU running at high clock speeds, and keeps the CPU running at about 52 C because it's under a constant load of about 10%. This is with a H115i, it really shouldn't be getting this hot unless something is constantly using the CPU, and iCue is doing it.


This is caused by the plugins for the program. It can be fixed by renaming/deleting the "Plugins" folder within the iCue folder. Once I have done this, iCue can still get temperatures from my motherboard (I don't really care about this) and is functionally exactly the same, it just doesn't cause high CPU usage, high power usage for the machine and high CPU temperatures any more

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I registered to necro post this. I have 7 corsair devices and the above solution brought the 1200mb down to 200mb memory usage. Albeit, I needed one specific plugin, I highlighted the rest and zipped the files lebeling it DISABLED instead of renaming the folder, this solution was relevant to me and not found elsewhere.

Thank you.

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