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Void Pro RGB Wireless bugs


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I bought the headset at Best Buy but there is some issues not really pointed at the headset but with the iCue software here is the issues I have found over the course of a week of owning these.


battery drain with RGB varies sometimes you have longer battery life sometimes shorter all depends. Have not tested with RGB off yet but I will.


Mic sidetone now this is annoying when you first start up the headset if your headset sidetone was on to begin with it will be off even though it shows its on you will have to turn off then turn sidetone on again for it to work, now this will happen when you put mic up to mute or press the mute button you will have to go through and turn sidetone off then on again. This happens most of the time.


Auto shutdown happens here and there haven't tested to much but it has done it 2 times to me of me setting the headset on my hook and going to bed and waking up with it dead and other time I went to do something for 20 min came back still on.


RGB sometimes shows up as a blinking color or a solid red color i'd have to shutdown iCue completely and start it back up to resume previous RGB state.


Was going to return them and get Asus but seeing as this can be completely fixed with software/firmware updates ill just wing it. I do love these and hope this gets resolved soon

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