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800D more than 6 Hard Drives


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Hi there, I would like to know if there is a proper way to mount more hard drives in this monster case?


I currently have 4 Drives in the 4 Hot swap Bays and have filled the lower cage by the power supply with SSD's as well.


I'd like to mount more drives in the empty space where you would normally put optical drives.


There is room for up to 6 more drives if I can find a proper way to mount them here.


I need to add 4 more drives.


Does the 900D Hard Drive cage fit in these spaces?



Would be a shame to not be able to add more and mount them proper.

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  • Corsair Employee

Hello Sawk,


Unfortunately the 900D cage does not work in the 800D. When I was using the Air 540 and I needed more HDD, I used a 5.25 inch bay adapter to allow for more HDDs in the system. If you are already using a few of the 5.25 bays, I believe there may be some adapters to go from 3 bays to 4 drives. I was personally using one that used 2 5.25 bays and housed 3 drives.

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I have also used the 3.5 inch to 5.25 adaptors, but I also used a cage, made by Icy Dock




which allows you to install 4 hard drives into 3 x 5.25 bays. The only potential problem being that (depending on your point of view) it may spoil the look of the front of your case.

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