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  1. The piece of plastic that keeps the front door on this case closed just broke, and it doesn't look like I can repair it. If you have either item for sale, please send me a private message and I will respond with 48 hours. The 800D is a great case, and I want to keep using it.
  2. The power button on my 800D case "jams" so that I have to remove the entire case front, then use a screwdriver to push the "button" to start the system. Not practical, even short term. :headbang: Corsair doesn't sell a replacement power switch front panel. No one else does, either. So if I want to keep this case, which I really do, I need to somehow repair the power button. I'm open to all suggestions.:praise:
  3. Thank you Corsair Caliente. I don't know why I didn't just think to look at the manual. x509
  4. I still have this 800D case, which I love because (1) it's already paid for :D:and (2) I really like the built-in hotswap drive bays. I normally have at least 3 drives in this area. I just got Hard Disk Sentinel, which reported that the temps of the drives were 45 - 48 C, in the "yellow zone," which could cause a problem with drive lifetime. ny suggestions for a cooling fan or fans? How to mount the fan(s)? x509
  5. I am x509, and I personally approve of the way that Wired handled this situation. Guys like this usually ruin the well for the rest of us because they are always p---ing into it.
  6. I can't believe that this guy hasn't been banned for life from this forum. Whatever we think, we all really try to be "professional" about our postings, and that's one of the things I really like about this forum. No raving and ranting, no "crazies," etc. If I were the forum moderator, this guy would be banned until the year 2025. (remember that old song ...)
  7. That sounds like a Citibank screwup, that is, not telling the Corsair person handling this matter with the bank, about the need to activate the card before using it. I've gotten similar rebate cards several times, and each time, I had to activate it before using it. Actually a debit card is much better than a check. You have to deposit the check in your bank, and then withdraw the money if you want to use it. At least one trip to the bank, maybe two if you don't do online banking to pay bills. A debit card can be used anywhere. And if the amount of your purchase is less than the balance on the card, only that amount is withdrawn. Once, my purchase was more than the value of the debit card. So I simply gave the store clerk my debit card, which got "zeroed out," then the a credit card for the remainder. Painless. x509
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