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VOID Wireless mic issues after Windows reinstall


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As the title says i have some problems with my headset after reinstalling Windows 10. The sound works perfectly as before but my microphone will not work in CSGO and discord. When i put the sidetone up i can hear myself talk so i guess the mic is working but something else is wrong. I have it set as default in "Sound" in Windows aswell.


I have the latest firmware (39.02).


This is last resort for me since i always find and fix problems on my own with googles help ofc but this time i have no idea what is wrong.


Any help is appreciated!

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Hey there pntn0,


Unfortunately this seems to be common for users with the newest update. It seems it may have reset a lot of audio settings. I'd suggest double checking all your audio settings, not just those located under Windows Sound.


If this doesn't work, please contact our Technical Support team at support.corsair.com

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