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Found 12 results

  1. Basically as the title says, booted up my PC today, no mic feedback possible if I have iCue running, had this issue before, restarting/repluggin/resetting fixed the issue, but now it hasn't and quite honestly, having such an expensive headset be messed up by wonky software is unacceptable 😕 Been having this issue for years, can't seem to fix it anymore and would really appreciate help
  2. I ran into a problem yesterday that I've been trying to fix. As soon as I turned on my PC to go to my classes I noticed that the mute light on my mic was on. When I pressed the button on my headset to unmute my mic, the voice feedback said 'Mic Feedback On/Off'. This kept happening and I was unable to physically unmute my mic. I then quit iCue and my mic unmuted itself, however, when I reopened iCue my mic went back to being muted and the same issue occurred. After this I'd like to think I tried everything: -Uninstalled and reinstalled Corsair HID -Uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers -Uninstalled and reinstalled iCue *After uninstalling the drivers/software I restarted my PC each time What was odd was the mic was unmuted after I reinstalled iCue and I thought it was fixed, but I still didn't want to test my luck with the button on the headset itself. I wake up this morning to go to class and iCue starts up as normal and I see the red light on my mic and the button is still having the same issue. I'm fairly sure the mic feedback option is only supposed to occur when the button is held, but it is changing regardless of it being pressed/held. I am on iCue version 3.33.246. This is very agitating because if I want to use my microphone I need to quit iCue. If you need any more information let me know, thank you.
  3. I have had a virtuoso for a couple weeks and its been workin fine but today just randomly the mic stopped working i figured i just needed to unplug it and plug it in again so i did that and i could hear the voice saying mic on charge complete but it still didnt work so i tried again and this time i could hear mic on charge complete again but no other audio on my computer but my computer was picking up audio from my mic
  4. I just got my mic today, and after messing with some settings to get it to work it decides that it should cut in and out whenever I try speaking. Any help?
  5. Hello everyone, I bought an HS45 headset with the pluggable microphone but i have one issue : when i speak, people are hearing a lot of breath, i registred myself and i confirm that i hear my breath while i'm speaking. So i wanted to check the mic sensibility but i didn't found any way to do that : - I checked the sound settings in windows but i only have the level slider for the microphone , there is no amplification slider (with the dB unit) - I downloaded iCUE software but it seems like there is no option for the mic or my mic is not detected by the software (check the screenshot in attachment) If anyone can help it would be very nice it's very painful to game with my friends having this issue. Thanks ! :)
  6. Hello, this is my first post but i will try my best to expalin my situation. So i have my corsair headset but one day (a few weeks ago) my mic suddenly (from one to another day) my mic was turned off the whole time. My first thought was that the flip up mute function wasnt working anymore so i tried moving the mic around a bit and shaking the headset but it still showed the read light. Then i tried to turn it back on in the software but i couldnt turn it on. So does anyone know if there is any way to turn off flip up mute or do i have to get a sepperate mic? Lars
  7. Hi, i bought my virtuoso headset today but i can´t get the 96000 hz for the mic. I only get 1 channel,24bit and 48000 hz wireless and in wired mode. Can someone help me please?
  8. Trying to find out how common of an issue this is... The Microphone that Ive received from two different Virtuoso SE's are loose near the connector, close to where the mic mute button is. Does it get worse over time? If so, How have you dealt with the problem? Did you notice it straight away?
  9. I have never really had issues with this headset, but now as soon as I use my microphone all that comes out is extremely loud blowing noises. It's... Really bad, at the moment I can't use the mic because my friends have to take their headphones off as soon as I start speaking. The Headset is only a couple of months old and it cost me 80 dollars! All I want to know is the issue and how it may have occurred, and if it's my fault or the hardware or software's fault.
  10. like the title say and sorry my bad english,when my buy this heartphones the mic never work nice y need using a program to puts the volume more loud more DB ,here in the page say the mic are like 10 db but mine are like -6DB when me using the program to puts more DB some new updates or etc? can someome help me with this for not using other programs for more loud? also can someone say how to disarm the sponges to be able to wash them? many thanks to all :biggrin:
  11. Hello! I have a weird problem. I just plugged in my Corsair Void Pro(7.1.) and installed the software and driver. After setting the mic to playback, I tested the mic and nothing happened. But when speaking into the sides of the headphone the mic responds with full capacitiy(on both sides). :laughing: The mic is obviously inside the sides of the headset. Before returning the mic I want to make sure I'm not missing anything trivial. Greetings, Dabdab
  12. Hi, As the title says i have some problems with my headset after reinstalling Windows 10. The sound works perfectly as before but my microphone will not work in CSGO and discord. When i put the sidetone up i can hear myself talk so i guess the mic is working but something else is wrong. I have it set as default in "Sound" in Windows aswell. I have the latest firmware (39.02). This is last resort for me since i always find and fix problems on my own with googles help ofc but this time i have no idea what is wrong. Any help is appreciated!
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