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Found 5 results

  1. I am having an issue that is most definitely an issue with the K70 Lux RGB and how it interacts with the USB ports on this PC. Whenever I plug in a USB device (be it a controller, a secondary mouse), Steam will freeze. The caps lock and num lock indicator on the keyboard will also not work anymore. As soon as I set the polling switch on the keyboard to BIOS, then Steam unfreezes. When I set it back to This is most definitely an issue with the keyboard as I have not had any of these issues prior to owning this keyboard. While you can say that it might be a compatibility issue with Steam, that's not really acceptable considering a gaming keyboard should at the very LEAST be working with Steam. I've tried changing between USB ports, from USB 2.0 to 3.0 and back. Tried updating all the drivers and it's still the same issue. I've looked all over these forums and there is definitely quite a few of us experiencing the same issue. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start computer. 2. Notice that CUE has loaded up since my lights are showing RGB effects 3. Plug in a USB device like a controller or another mouse 4. Notice that Steam freezes and is unusable. ALSO notice that if you press Caps Lock or Numlock, the lights will not light up, no matter what you do. 5. Set polling switch to BIOS 6. Steam now unfreezes and is usable. 7. Set polling back to default. Caps lock and Numlock also now works again. 8. You can now unplug and replug USB devices without issue, but this only lasts for maybe 1 or 2 replugs. You have to go back to Step 1 again. I don't want to have to do this workaround every single time. Note, I also just tested this and you can replace Steam with the Windows USB Game Controller screen. This keyboard is definitely causing USB conflicts and it's not just me. Relevant specs: Motherboard - Asus Maximus IX Hero Keyboard - Corsair K70 RGB Lux Attaching CUE log files as well 2017-06-10T11-48-37 - Copy.zip
  2. Hi, As the title says i have some problems with my headset after reinstalling Windows 10. The sound works perfectly as before but my microphone will not work in CSGO and discord. When i put the sidetone up i can hear myself talk so i guess the mic is working but something else is wrong. I have it set as default in "Sound" in Windows aswell. I have the latest firmware (39.02). This is last resort for me since i always find and fix problems on my own with googles help ofc but this time i have no idea what is wrong. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Hey folks. To cut a very very long story short. CUE crashes steam 3 times out of 5 when I turn on/off any form of a controller. I'd go as far as to say it would crash steam whenever a USB device in general is inserted. I've had this problem since December 2016 and have literally tired everything to fix it. Only tonight was it pointed out to me that it's a USB device causing the issue, after some Googling it seems CUE is causing it. I initially thought it was a Steam issue and actually ended up in a week long email exchange with a Senior Valve Engineer. After inspecting my latest dump file when my steam crashed he said: "Thanks for the dump. It’s confirmed that Steam is blocked in a Windows USB device driver call." He then told me it may be my keyboard as during one of our tests it wouldn't crash while the keyboard was unplugged. At this stage I think it's CUE. I'm tempted to download an older version to see if that fixes it but is there any other possible solution to this? I would be so very grateful. This issue has hounded me for months now and is ruining my controller experience on steam. My keyboard is Corsair K65 RGB. I have the latest version of CUE.
  4. Dear Reader, When I connect my Xbox One Controller (Wired or Wireless doesn't matter) my Steam just freezes completely. The way to unfreeze it instantly is to pull out the USB for my Strafe RGB Silent keyboard and then I can use my controller normally. As soon as I plug the keyboard back in, Steam will freeze back up again. I'm not the only one having this problem as I already posted on both Steam and Reddit getting responses from people having the same problem. There aren't many of us, but I really hope we can address this problem and fix it. I'll be happy to provide any type of data to help anyone interested in fixing this problem. Kind regards, Joost
  5. Howdy to all. Posting this despite being kind of hopeless because I already know what 99% of all answers will be. That being said I'm waiting for the 1% that will fix my issue and help the community.:bigeyes: VOID 7.1 Wireless Yellowjacket's mic is not working on CS GO. Let's be clear - - that is not my first issue with mics and CS GO, last year I had another one and fixed it but now I cant' - CUE updated to the latest - mic works on everything else I could test with - already disabled every other device, Void is the only recording device enabled - already reinstalled steam - already reinstalled cs go - already reinstalled cue - voice_enable, voice_loopback, lobby_(whatever) all enabled - there is not a conflict of softwares / apps - switched off and on mic privacy under Windows's settings - switched (under steam) from automatically transmit voice to use a push to talk various times - it is not a Windows 10 issue because like I said the mic works with everything else that exists - already unbinded and rebinded mic key under steam and cs go, using menu and console - already detected and redetected recording devices under steam and cs go To sum all up, I tried everything I could imagine and find under forums like Corsair's. The real problem that can not and will not be fixed is that Valve is not Blizzard.:mad: Help! I love the headset. :o::bigeyes::bigeyes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Found the answer already. :laughing:;): Please Corsair moderators do not delete it, just close this thread. What happens is that microphone input switches when launching the game, despite windows configs. CS GO actually thinks that other mic besides your default one is ready and force-uses it. Using the command voice_forcemicrecord 0 before playing obligates cs go to use what is default in Windows. When playing the sound bars beside the icon that appears when talking will not move but the mic will work. See this Steam official help - https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5159-QYFK-0185 Also check another commands quoted there and do everything that I posted up in the thread for resolving the issue. Hope it helps somebody! :D::roll:
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