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PLATINUM issue (KEY arrow pointing down at the line is blinking continuously)

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Does anyone know what the light on the right of the num lock and caps lock do (the one with an arrow pointing down at the line)?


It blinks continuously and I can't find any info on that in the included quick starter guide.


Also my keyboard is not detected by CUE, however detected in Devices&Printers.

I would like to reinitialize the keyboard ? How ?


Thank you !



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The scroll lock indicator blinking indicates the keyboard is in BIOS mode.

To exit from it, Press F1 followed by the Windows lock key.


This should also resolve your detection issue in CUE.

i'm having the same problem and the thing is when i do press f1 and scroll lock it doesn't work after that, the keyboard lights up but after that none of the keys will work. idk what to do

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