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K95 RGB 18 Macro button is supported from ICue 4 or there is a bug?

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For me ICue 3 was a hell instead of Icue 4 that works well but I don't have any way to save my profile on keyboard memory.

I don't have hardware lightnings and hardware key Assignment nor a sawing option under device setting.

Moreover Icue 4 not has a retro compatibility export mode nor a way to export actions or lightning effects so the only way to save a profile on keyboard is to write manually ALL, uninstall Icue4, install Icue3, writing ALL Manually, save on keyboard, uninstall Icue 3 and reinstall Icue4, is more than a pain!


Can someone know if this is a bug or K95 RGB is no more supported?

There is a third party app to do something or a portable ICue 4?

I use my keyb for work and rgb keys are really important for my eyes so I can set a lot of code macro under different colors to improve my speed at home and use them in office where is forbidden to install something




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