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H110i GT (& HX1000i) - would like a USB header back


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Hey all, first post here, and just a quick question.


I searched but wasn't able to find anything in the forum - which to me is both shocking and/or causing me doubt regarding my google-fu - SO, figured I'd just ask. I have both the H110i GT and the HX1000i PSU. Both require the use of a USB header off my motherboard. This has meant that I have to sacrifice half of the usb ports on the front panel of my 760T case.


This makes me a very sad panda. :(:


I took a look at the Commander Mini, thinking it could take up a single usb header and I could connect both the H110i GT and HX1000i to that, freeing up that second USB header so I can restore my Corsair 760t front panel to its proper glory, but alas, it appears as though this is not an applicable fix.


Is there anything I can do? It seems silly that each of these devices actually needs to use an entire header apiece. Thanks for any help.

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