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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, I have noticed that I can no longer switch my HX1000i to "Multi-Rail OCP", as soon as I switch the slider to "Multi-Rail OCP", it automatically goes back to "Single-Rail OCP" after i reopen the "Device Settings" Tab under the HX1000i Is this a bug in the iCue V4.13.223 software? Many thanks in advance Simon
  2. Hi all, I've just purchased a RM1000X after my previous Corsair CX750M seemed to cause system to power cycle under peak loads when over-clocking. The RM1000X has completely resolved this issue, however this PSU has possibly the worlds loudest coil whine / buzzing. This occurs when both on normal grid power, and when connected to a pure sine wave generating UPS. Under heavy loads such as games, this coil whine and buzzing can be so loud that it's audible anywhere in the house, and most definitely over the audio from my games while wearing headphones. Is there anything that can resolve this? This never occurred on the previous 750W or any other PSU that has, or is running. Unfortunately its literally driving me up the wall and making me dread using my PC currently. It's the only Corsair product that I have problems with. Keyboard, mouse, RAM, cooler, fans, case, etc... all excellent. See video / audio here: - (Video taken while idle on desktop, and connected to pure sine wave UPS) [ame] [/ame] EDIT: Its the RM1000X - my apologies. Confused myself with the naming schemes. Unfortunately unable to edit title.
  3. I read that corsair hx1000i only has inrush current of 36,50 (230v). Unfortunately only hx1000 is in stock. Is hx1000 is essentially hx1000i without the digital stuff? Article is from 2014 https://www.techpowerup.com/review/corsair-hx1000i/5.html
  4. I built a new PC a few months ago and installed a H100i Pro RGB water cooler. It's worked great and I really like the iCue monitoring software. This week my ancient Antec PSU died so I replaced it with the HX1000i PSU from Corsair. I chose the HX1000i so I could control it with iCue. PSU arrived today and I got installed and works great, but I can't figure out how to get the Corsair Digital Link connected. The PSU came with a USB connector and and a separate Digital link cable I've determined to be an IC2 cable. The USB cable is the easy install method but I don't have any spare USB headers on my motherboard, the one I have is taken by the H100i Pro RGB water cooler. I searched all over and it appears I am supposed to be able to connect the IC2 digital link cable directly from the PSU to the water cooler. I can see where the one end plugs into PSU, but I don't see any place on the H100i Pro RGB to connect the other end to. All the pages I've found that say to connect the PSU to the water cooler specifically reference the H100i. Does the H100i Pro RGB not have the IC2 connector? If not, what are my options to get both the PSU and water cooler connected to iCue? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I just bought the HX1000i and I notice one thing i both iCUE and other monitoring programs, the 12v is always at 12.2v instead of closer to 12v. Both 3v and 5v is almost always at 3.00v and 5.00v regardless of load while 12v is always around 12.2v. Is this normal or is something wrong with the PSU?
  6. Since the HX1000i uses shared ports for EPS and PCI-e, can I use an EPS Extension cable with the PCI-e cables? I'm trying to extend the length of the PCI-e cables on the PSU side instead of the video card side to limit the number of extension cables needed.
  7. I'm going to buy the Carbide 400C and the HX1000i PSU for my new build. As I'm still having a 3.5" HDD, I would like to know if I should expect to have some issues with PSU cables clearance and the 3.5" Slots. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello all, This is my first post, so please bear with me. I purchased the following components for a new build: Motherboard: ASUS WS X299 Sage CPU: Intel Core i9-7900x RAM: 32gb (4x8gb) Corsair Vengance PSU: Corsair HX1000i Drives: 1 - 512gb 970PRO M.2 2 - 2x400gb Corsair nx500 Neutron Cooling: Noctua NH-D15s Grease: Thermal Grizzley Kryonaut Video: Low-end PCIe vid card My question: The ASUS WS X299 Sage has the following power connectors on the mother board: a - 24pin ATX Power b - 2x8pin ATX 12v power c - 1x6pin ATX 12v power Any idea where I would find a 6pin ATX 12v connector?? I am fairly certain that these are different from the PCIe 6 (or 6x2pin) connectors. I have scoured the internet, but to no avail. Also, it looks like the pinout of the 6 pin ATX is similar to the 8pin ATX connector. Therefore, I would assume that I could use an 8pin connector on the 6 pin connector (I am assuming here). Anyways, does anyone have any idea where I could find an adapter that I could purchase that would allow me to plug into the 6pin ATX 12v plug on the mobo? The Corsair HX1000i only comes with two 8pin ATX 12v plugs, so those will already be used. Never have had such an issue finding a cable for a motherboard/PSU before. Thank you in advance for all assistance!
  9. Hey all, first post here, and just a quick question. I searched but wasn't able to find anything in the forum - which to me is both shocking and/or causing me doubt regarding my google-fu - SO, figured I'd just ask. I have both the H110i GT and the HX1000i PSU. Both require the use of a USB header off my motherboard. This has meant that I have to sacrifice half of the usb ports on the front panel of my 760T case. This makes me a very sad panda. :(: I took a look at the Commander Mini, thinking it could take up a single usb header and I could connect both the H110i GT and HX1000i to that, freeing up that second USB header so I can restore my Corsair 760t front panel to its proper glory, but alas, it appears as though this is not an applicable fix. Is there anything I can do? It seems silly that each of these devices actually needs to use an entire header apiece. Thanks for any help.
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