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Help for a first time builder with H100i v2.


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so I have just done my first build and kinda made the general idiot mistakes that a first timer might do.


I bought a Corsair H100 v2 cooler because I knew it was kinda cool and it was on offer and it would fit the case that I wanted. In fact the case is designed for 280mm fans/rads and CAN take 240mm fans/rads but it causes problems with the filters and all sorts.


So I have been kinda wrestling with this radiator/cpu cooler... and I have a few quick questions:


1) I have a Maximus VIII Extreme Mobo. After installing the CPU cooler I went to plug in the small usb cable that fits to the bottom of the cooler. However I cannot insert it as the hole is fouled/obscured by the plastic/metal fins (are they for cooling?) that surround the CPU.


What is the solution here?


Is that usb cable important?


Do I rotate the CPU cooler (so that the "Corsair" logo runs the wrong way - a small thing, but annoying) so that I can fit the usb?


2) Real rookie mistake this one. I did not know that the raditiator fins would be so delecate... due to my Mobo being so large and my case being so small I had to remove it multiple times whilst I wrestled with the cabling. I have minor scratching and bending to a small part of the radiator.... Again, probably small and displeasing... but will it affect performance/should I replace?


Many thanks.

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1) I can't remember what comes with the new H100i v2, but I right-angle USB mini plug might solve the issue. Others have complained about this as well. You can also turn the unit without issue, as you theorized. However, that may not be pleasing to you in the short run.


2) Don't worry, it makes no difference whatsoever. Unless you smash the center with a hammer, you will not see any measurable performance reduction from a few bent fins, particularly if they are on the sides where the airflow never really reaches. I take my H110 down almost monthly for new fan combinations, testing, etc. Inevitably, I pick up some nicks here and there. No difference than a year ago when it was brand new. The exact volume of air flow across the fins just isn't that critical in small intervals. This is fortunate, or anytime you slowed the fans just a little, you would experience a temperature jump. The cold plate the and the water flow itself do the bulk of the work. The scratches absolutely are inconsequential, other than normal regret.

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