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h100 not showing in iCUE

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I have just built a new PC.

I have the H100 RGB cooler connected to AMD Ryzen 5 7600X (AM5 socket) on a gigabyte B650 x ax motherboard.

When I load iCUE the cooler pump and fans are not displaying. The only way to control them is through the Mobo software (gigabyte control center)

Can I get them to display and be changed in iCUE? Hopefully, I have included all the information needed.

FWIW I'm new to pc building and maybe I'm not using compatible components but my old PC had it all in iCUE.

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The “H100” (in whichever form you have) is not a CUE device. AIO units that are part of the CUE control system have an “i” at the end of their number (H100i Elite Capellix). The H100 RGB was specifically designed to pass controls over to the motherboard.

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The H100RGB does have a back door into CUE through a Commander XT. You connect both it and the fans to opposing PWM and rgb sides. However, it’s $50 which means you’re better off getting the Capellix model that has it in the box already. Both cheaper and better control. 

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I think I'll stick to what I have for now - I understand how it works a little more now. The commander XT might be simpler if i struggle later on. I had an 'i' cooler before which explains why I expected iCUE to work.

I can't control the pump only the fan speed. Is that correct or have I plugged something incorrectly?

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Correct. No pump speed control on this model. It runs at a fixed speed. Theoretically you can under volt the pump to slow it down, but that may have long term consequences as it was designed to have 12v power. Pump speed range is pretty narrow on Capellix models as well and not going to be a factor in performance. 

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