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How to get icue working with Asus MB.


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I know that iCue normally requires Armory Crate to be running for it to work with Asus MB's, but Armory Crate has been using up some serious CPU usage and the longer it runs the worse it gets. I usually notice it when CPU usage is up to 50% but there are times when I don't notice it until it hits 70%.

Because of this it looks like I will be needing to uninstall Armory Crate to get my system to run normally, It's not 100% verified that Armory Crate is causing this but on my last scan Armory crate had 8 out of the 10 Powershell processes running that were taking up CPU usage. 

Is there an alternate way to have iCue control the MB ARGB headers without having to use Armory Crate?


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I have uninstalled and reinstalled Armory Crate then went through the whole process to get control the MB RGB effects from iCue but the MB no longer shows up in iCue. I went and followed the instructions listed in several of the help videos but nothing works. 

  • Both apps are up to date.
  • I have the Asus Plugin installed in iCue
  • I have iCue listed as the top "game" under In Game Lighting Effects. 

The MB had been in iCue before but now it is not showing up at all. 

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