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iCue Causing System To Lock Up

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With the latest version of iCue a bug from earlier this year has returned. 

I use iCue for my motherboard (Armoury Crate + plugin), ram, fans (lighting core), keyboard, mouse, and headset.

Randomly my lighting will revert to hardware lighting, and the PC will lock up in a very scary and odd way. Task Manger is a blank window, programs won't open, and it gets worse and worse. It will hang trying to shutdown or restart. The only solution is to hold the power button.

This used to happen but went away at some point. Now it's back and really depressing. You never know when your PC will just hang up..

I have done a clean reinstall (remove every trace of both programs in file system and registry) of armory crate and iCue. Then reinstall, issue persists.

I have other bugs such as RAM not showing up in iCue at boot, or sensors missing on the dashboard. So I have the program set to not start at startup but 30 seconds later after login using task scheduler. Fixes the aforementioned bugs, but not this horrible system freeze.

Please help me.

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Man, me too! I thought my new Dominator Plat's were broken even though they're just 6 months old. I had iCue 5 updated for quite a while but today I went to turn on my PC and 1 of my 4 ram sticks aren't working and recognized. I'm forced to use just 2 sticks. I found it strange how I didn't have this issue when iCue updated.


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if this is still happening to you? I get a strange issue where I can be playing Resident Evil 4 and randomly the entire system locks up, including the lights at whatever point in their cycle that they were at. I can't interact with the PC at all however I do hear the sound of the game still in the background......only way to get out of it is to knock it off via the reset or power button.

I don't get any errors at all in Event Viewer indicating that Windows encountered a problem. To note, temps are all great and I can go an evening without a crash sometimes; seems to be no pattern here. Memory checks all looking fine and I did question whether my old card I'm looking to replace soon was to blame due to VRAM issues (RX 590), however I wouldn't expect the lighting to lock up at the same time.....

Anyone else experiencing this? I'm going to try tuning down graphical setting and see how things behave, before trying another game and disabling iCUE all together.

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