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H80I GT dead pump?


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Hello cleaver people! First I want to say sorry for my bad English!


I have just finished my build of my brand new computer but I have a big problem!

My cpu runs really hot and the clocks down!


I have tried every cpu fan header and every sysfan on the mb and still no luck.


The corsair h80i gt has light in the logo and the two fans run on max speed when it is in the cpufan1 but no sound coming from the pump!


The corsair link can't find the cooler and mb can't see any rpm in system info:


Is the pump just dead and I have been unlucky or is it me doing something wrong?




Mb: msi a170 gaming 5

CPU: Intel I 6600k (going 100c )

Gpu: gtx 980oc

Psu: evga 750 g2

Windows 10 64-bit

16 gb ddr 4

Sdd Samsung evo 850

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