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Can't get CPU cooler iCUE H150i Elite RGB to work with FanControl or OpenRGB

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Hi there, apologies in advance if the topic on third party software is not allowed.

I have a Corsair iCUE H150i Elite RGB and have been trying to get it to work with FanControl by Rem0o over on Github in order to directly control the fans from there. Also while testing OpenRGB I noticed the AIO is the only component which it cannot detect, all other RGB devices except for the pump are being detected. FanControl can read the RPM and speed percentages of the CPU fans but it cannot control them directly, it's being overwritten.

My motherboard is an ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming.

I'm unsure if it's something to do with the way the CPU cooler has been wired. My PC is custom built, I chose the parts but did not actually put it together myself. On expecting the inside it looks as though it's wired the same way as described in the manual via an X1 USB-C Wire Harness, with the pump tach cable connected to the CPU_FAN header on my motherboard and the cooler connected to a USB 2.0 header. The pump is connected via USB and the fans are individually connected to the harness. The harness is connected to the power supply via SATA.

I've spoken to a people online about it and they've suggested that I have my CPU cooler connected to a Commander Core and that I should instead connect the CPU fans to the CPU_FAN header. However, I do not have a Commander Core and the CPU cooler is only connected via the X1 USB-C Wire Harness, which is already connected to the CPU_FAN header via the pump tach cable. I think there's a bit of confusion between the Elite RGB and Elite Caplellix variants, the latter which does come with a Commander Core. The CPU cooler I have comes with 3 non-RGB 120mm fans. The only RGB I have is on the pump itself.

I currently have iCUE installed but I do not use it and do not have it set to run on start-up. It came preinstalled on my PC when it first arrived. However, I had to reinstall Windows which removed it but have since reinstalled it again just to check if the firmware is up to date, which it is as of February 21 using v. 1.02.07, and to see if having it would help solve my compatibility issues, but unfortunately it does not.

I'm a little stumped on how to get them to communicate with both pieces of software and looking for a bit of advice on how I might be able to get them to work together.

Again, apologies if the topic is not allowed as it discusses third party software but would like to be able to control all of my fans and RGB from the same locations.


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My search for the same issue lead me to this topic because people don't want to necessarily use iCue if they can help it as programs like Fan Control give people better AIO type software over their fans where iCue is limited.


@johnnyadamsIf I find the solution -I'll let you know.


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