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Just got my Corsair 750D... Not good..


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Got my corsair 750d yesterday. And i was so excited and looking forward to it but what a big surprise it came with! Anyways what should I do guys. Don't really want to wait for an RMA because I want to use this lovely case soon. Apparently this was the only thing wrong with the case. Prolly gonna make this case worth almost 200$ if i buy a new windowed side panel. The window is in 2 pieces and the frame sore the side panel/window is dented in. Super salty when i got this package... I am probably not going to be looking for cases online now unless they are like double boxed, maybe? :mad::mad::mad::sigh!::[pouts:


Bought from NewEgg and the shipping used was the 3 Day one along with rush processing with Fedex... I thoguth ups was a little bad, and then this experience!








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Have you contacted NewEgg about it? They have a contract with the carrier to deliver it undamaged. Or you could start a ticket with Corsair, they will probably send you a new panel out, in which case once they have agreed that, you can start using it immediately, without the side panel.
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Wow I am really pleased and some what happy at the moment, just submitted a ticket and in less than hour they confirmed the ticket and will be sending me a replacement! Thanks Corsair i really appreciate this.


Awesome! glad to hear that our support guys were able to sort it out right away :)


Let us know if you have any issues with the replacement panel.

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