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  1. I'm pretty sure it's a micro USB that connects to the pump & a regular header on the motherboard.
  2. Smiffo

    780t case fans

    How are the fans connected? To the fan controller on the top of the case or a motherboard header? If they're on a mobo header & AI Suite isn't seeing them for some reason you can always pop into the UEFI & set them up there.
  3. There's a molex power connector for the LED, are you sure it's plugged in?
  4. The fan screws go through the case into the fan, you don't physically screw anything into the case.
  5. The molex is there to power the LED that lives in the triangular section just above the top 5.25" bay, I think it may also be used for the fan controller. I don't know, I didn't hook mine up. The boxy plastic thing under the HDD cages is just a stand, you can hang the drive cages from the optical cage if you want to use the bottom fan mounts. As for the top fans, it's probably easier to mount them between the case & the fan filter.
  6. GAH! I just paid £18 for a pair of those from ebay since OCUK didn't have any in stock & no ETA. Being a Yorkshireman, I hate spending brass, I shall now remove them, beat them with a whippet & throw their firstborn on t'fire when t'winter starts
  7. Scan.co.uk have brown switches for both the Corsair Gaming & Vengeance series keyboards in stock.
  8. Nice post mate, hopefully help some people out. Just a quick question though, when you mention searching the registry for [Corsair] do you mean with or without the square brackets? Might be confusing to some.
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