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  1. See if doing a clean install helps
  2. Sorry to hear that. Have you tried rolling back to the previous version and see if it gets detected?
  3. Hi guys, thank you all for sharing your feedback on the latest iCUE update, we really appreciate it. When I was going through the comments, looks like some of you that have had detection and stuttering issues before have been resolved, glad to see those issues fixed. But on the same iCUE update, there's still a number of you guys that are running into some problems with the latest version, mainly with crashing, detection, and some lighting/rpm fan control. I've consolidated all these reports and will forward them to our validation and software teams for them to evaluate. In the meantime, if you are experiencing problems after updating your iCUE to the latest version, please submit a support ticket so that our reps can provide you a proper troubleshooting process. Again guys, thank you for your patience on this. Like what I've been saying, your input and feedback are really important to us as they are vital when addressing these ongoing issues.
  4. Hey guys, just in case you haven't updated your iCUE to version 3.35.152, please do. Based on the internal testing data that I've seen, there is an overall CPU load usage drop on both AMD and Intel platforms. Please update your iCUE and let us know if you guys are seeing the same results. Thanks
  5. I just did this myself and it worked. My ST100 showing 2 and just made the edit under settings and its gone.
  6. Are you on the latest version 3.35.152?
  7. Sorry to hear that. Which hardware are you having problems with?
  8. iCUE can control your RGB lighting customization, fan curves, macros, and more. Have you tried to doing a clean install? And when you say it crashes as soon that you run it, does the UI even show up? or just never opens at all.
  9. You're not wrong, I'm with you, and this is the reason why we're encouraging you guys to share information with us so that we can report them to appropriate personnel. The way iCUE communicates with new gen coolers vs legacy coolers is different, especially on the backend, so having a specific for each gen coolers would streamline the process when we gather data for the software team to evaluate.
  10. Thanks for attaching your logs, appreciate it. I'll share this data with our software team and see if they can figure out what's causing your fans to flatline.
  11. Sorry for the trouble, Aisu. noobles is right, we have seen reports similar to yours on a different thread where users are experiencing keybinding issues. This has already been reported and we're working on a solution. In the meantime, try to rollback to the previous version.
  12. Apologies for the lack of response on our side in this thread. Just to keep everyone up to speed, all the feedback that have been reported in this thread have been reported to our software team. As far as I know, they were able to reproduce a few (I don't know exactly which ones) but some are still being evaluated for confirmation. Like many of you, we're pretty surprised as well that some of you run into issues after the update. I mean we all know one of the reasons why we release newer versions of icue, one of them being to address ongoing issues. We are keeping a close eye on this thread, so rest assured that we're well aware of whats going on in the field. We will keep guys posted on any progress.
  13. This "iCUE lite" version has been one of the most popular suggestions not only from you guys but also internally. I am sure our software team has been exploring this as a possible solution. But either way, if we go that direction or something else, I'm pretty confident that they will figure this one out.
  14. Correct. In fact, the Ryzen idle/sleep issue and High CPU usage issue are on top of the list right now. And just for an update, we're currently testing different iCUE versions internally for the purpose of addressing those issues. I haven't seen the results yet, but I have a good feeling that we're on the right direction. My bad, didn't realize it wasn't your post. Thanks for sharing both good and bad experience with our KB. Tbh, I have seen those repeat keys reports a few years back, and I swear I thought we've got that all sorted by now. I don't think that it is wide spread as I haven't seen any feedback related to that lately, but I will check other chatters, including marketplace reviews and see if others are experiencing this. yeah I agree on how tough Corsair KBs are.. I know that myself because I am still using our first gen K70 for both work and gaming, just a workhorse and never skips a beat.
  15. To those who have reported this issue and provide their system specs, we really appreciate it. Those data are critical in finding a solution to address this issue. Thanks for sharing this. Since you've tried different versions of iCUE to no avail, its possible that you have faulty USB cable. I'd try a different cable and see if it makes a difference. Also, could you please provide your system in your profile? we'd really appreciate it.
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