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  1. Yep as Greybeard said, one thing you should do is put tape over the levers with a note reminding you not to go and yank a drive out thinking it is still hot swap ;)
  2. I just removed the backplane, plugged the drives in and used the cables that came with the old sata2 backplane as they just fit through the back of the drive bay
  3. GoNz0

    800D parts

    A wild guess would be at least 8 years, 10 even but this isn't a car is it. Mines been in the garage probably rusting for the past 3 years. To be fair you did let us down miserably as parts were like rocking horse poop 4 years ago so you do need to stock spares for longer, especially with your top of the range products or you will continue to get a bad rep for after sales and obviously lose trade due to it. Whilst Corsair is great for in warranty stuff, you did drop the ball on this case as a prime example. The fact it is being dragged up after 8 years is laughable though. I wonder how long I should hang on to mine before I can make a mint parting it out :sunglasse
  4. They may swap the USB but the other stuff would have been reported when you got the case so it stinks of, "I lost screws and bent the filter, give me more for free" The reps here will be able to speed up the ticket.
  5. They stopped making the parts years ago, you cannot buy them anywhere, simple as that. Many have tried. Although one day I may drag mine out the garage and stick parts on eBay :D
  6. Not the cases fault, you need to check the earth is properly connected as far back as the wall socket.
  7. GoNz0

    800D parts

    Bet I can make a killing parting out the old 800D I have in the garage :D
  8. probably less than a volt and no more than 5. If any at all, it is just detecting the short when you press it.
  9. It is a standard push to make switch, you will need to remove the button to get an exact match or take a drill to the case and fit your own.
  10. Yes. I can confirm it works fine.
  11. I suggest you post this in the http://www.hexus.net forums in the dedicated corsair section, one of the reps frequesnt the boards and steps in on RMA requests to get the job done. Dont lose faith just pop on over and ask again. I suggest you leave this thread out of it.
  12. No they have mounting holes for 2.5" drives
  13. If you have the old sata 2 backplate that is 4 separate boards you can reuse the power cable :)
  14. I ended up removing the backplate, you have just enough room to fit cables direct but need to remember they are no longer hot plug then.
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