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K70 Vengeance issue with backlight program key

Moon Genie

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A while ago I spilled port on my K70. After disconnecting it and letting it dry I set it back up with no issues. After half an hour I lost control of my keys as the backlight program key (BPK) had activated itself. I turned it off but every few minutes it would start again. Eventually I couldn't turn it off and completely lost control of the entire keyboard.


I decided to pull apart the keyboard to try to clean the area but after separating the board from the shell I found that the two were connected by several cords. I decided to test the keyboard while it was partially separated and found that it disabled the BPK and allowed me to type with the keyboard.


What I want to know is how I can disable the BPK completely so I can use my keyboard when it's in one piece or find out how to properly separate the board from the shell so that I can clean the area properly.


Thanks for reading


TL:DR Need to disable the Backlight Program Key

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Unfortunately, this information isn't provided by Corsair. You may find something online where another user may have disassembled the keyboard for repairs.





Removing the board where the Cherry switches are will probably be difficult. So i would avoid that and see whether or not its something in between button that is causing it to activate.

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