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Do I have RMA as an option?


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My boss from work gave me his old machine he had sitting around to start up a home server. The PSU is bad (tested with paper clip and nothing). He says he bought it off of amazon, but the purchase records only go back 3 years, and this PSU has a 7 year warranty. (AX1200) I'd really love to get it RMA'd if I could, since it's about $300 to get an equivalent replacement.


So my question in short, do I have a chance at getting this RMA'd?

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  • Corsair Employee
You'll need the purchase receipt and the original buyer will need to RMA it...


^ This.


If you can ask your boss to pull up digital copy of the PSU's invoice, then our RMA team should be able to approve it for you. What about e-mail records? I am pretty sure Amazon has sent him an e-mail that included the purchase order.

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