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Found 24 results

  1. So I when I built my PC, I bought the SF 750 for my small form factor pc and it seems to be failing now. I bought it from Amazon, but not directly from Amazon, it was another dealer on Amazon and didn't find out until recently. Since my PSU is failing, would corsair still honor the warranty, should I contact someone, or am I out of luck? Bought a 2nd one, this time from Amazon since I need it for school and for work. The power supply seems to hold up fine with basic tasks, but sometimes when I leave it idle to cryptomine when I'm away or play intense games, it seems to just shut off without any blur screen. Double checked ram, gpu, cpu, and that all cables are properly plugged in. Can only think it's the PSU at this point.
  2. Hi all, My ironclaw wireless broke some weeks ago within warranty. I applied for an advanced RMA where Corsair sends you a new mouse before you have to send yours back. You have to pay the cost of the mouse as collateral but then they refund it once they receive your faulty mouse. Problem is, my card declined twice, as the billing and delivery addresses did not match, or something like that? I have had no such trouble with this card in the past and have made other purchases with it since without issue. Contacted my bank and they said there's no reason my card should decline. I also tried paying directly from the card and through paypal. I thought maybe the billing and shipping addresses are stored in my corsair account? But whenever I try to access my account to change these, the servers are down for maintenance. Can someone help me out here? Cheers
  3. Hello Corsair Community! I am having this headset for around a year now, sadly the right speaker stopped working today and I cant figure out why since I didnt change a single thing. What I have tried so far: -switching from wireless to wired, unplugging everything, restarting the pc etc. -uninstall and reinstall the drivers -uninstall and reinstall icue + check for updates etc. -see if one speaker was turned off in windows settings (Headset Properties -> Levels -> Balance etc.) -some other stuff i found on forums But somehow I cant figure out why it stopped working. I hope someone can help me out :) Edit: I found a solution. For everyone else having the same problem: Try a soft reset: 1. Make sure your headset is powered on and unplugged. 2. Make sure your headset is in wireless mode. 3. Hold the Mute button on the headset down for about ~15 seconds. 4. Switch the headset off and then back on (turn the switch from Wireless to USB and back to Wireless). 5. Test your headset and see if the issue is resolved. I hope I could help someone, bye :)
  4. Hey, I just bought (10. December 2020) a corsair RM1000x to replace old PSU that broke. After installing it, double checking the wires and firing it up, I Heard a loud pop and some weird smell and the new PSU is now dead... Does Corsair warranty cover such thing ?
  5. There were problems with my old k70 so I have to send it back after I have received my replacement board. But the replacement board was pretty much unusable there is a very noticeable high pitch metallic resonance ping whenever I press a key, I also have a misophonia disorder which probably doesn't help. I have received the new replacement board on the 17th so I must send the old faulty one back by the 27th. Can I extend that time until a solution can be found? Since I rather use the old broken one than this new one with the ping noise. I have contacted corsair support about a week ago but still no response, I bet they are just trying to wait out the 10 days and make me pay for the replacement keyboard. Anyone else had to deal with this before, what can I do here. Here is a clip of the new keyboard with the ping noise [ame] [/ame]
  6. BEWARE. Corsair does not honour their warranty. My LED mouse mat (a present last Christmas) died after nine months of use and their "Customer Service" has refused to repair or replace it. See Trustpilot where 66% of Corsair's reviews are Poor or Terrible.
  7. Bought this memory module Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 Vengeance LPX , 3 years ago and been running the memory at stock voltages One of my applications on my Windows based computer was acting strangely when closing down, saying it couldn't reference a certain part of memory, which led me to start investigating the cause I used Windows Memory Diagnostics tool, told me on start up that there was a problem at *something*,0xFFFFFFFC. Basically the first module One of my friends has told me that the memory module has a lifetime warranty, is this true with Corsair?
  8. Ticket - 2001275085 I created a support ticket on June 23 for my faulty psu. It’s been 8 days so far and was wondering when I can expect this ticket to be reviewed
  9. My psu is not working anymore about 9 days ago i contacted my seller and they told me to go for warranty threw corsair. I did it but have been waiting for 8 days for a response. Status stuck at Open. I red that it will take 3-4 days cause of the corona. But i have been waiting for over a week right now. i'll hope you guys can help me out. My id is #2001263469 thank you.
  10. I submitted a ticked 15 days ago to use my warranty on my k70. It took a 11 days just to get some generic response of how to fix my issue. I responded to the ticket 4 days ago and still haven't received a response. This is unimaginable, how is someone assigned to my ticket yet takes a week+ to respond. I can't ever imagine myself buying a corsair product again. I feel like I've just been left in the dust.
  11. Hi folks I was wondering if anyone could help? I have a Corsair h100i gtx that has failed within the warranty period. I have already created a tma ticket, however I need this fixed as soon as possible. I’m doing an university degree and a lot of my course work is saved on my pc (which I can’t turn on as my cooler has packed in). I don’t have a spare cooler and my cpu doesn’t come with a heat sink or cooler (6700k). As I am in a tight spot what are my options? Not sure how long a replacement takes to receive after one has been agreed. I’m guessing between Corsair getting in touch, asking me to send faulty cooler in, them checking and confirming fault, then sending new cooler to me, this seems like it could take months in this current climate! If I purchase another cooler and my old one is under warranty will they reimburse me or send a new unit? I hope this isn’t an obvious question but I couldn’t find any information regarding what the process is. Sorry for the long post and I hope someone can Help! Thanks Steven
  12. I brought a brand new Corsair H100i Pro RGB from a retail in Australia and after 4 weeks of use the pump failed and I contacted the retail where I brought it from and was asked to shipped the item back for RMA. I shipped the item back and a week later they sent the same cooler back but with a new pump head replaced and the water in the radiator was less full than how it was brand new. The return box was damaged and poorly packaged with loose screws and accessories insecurely rattling all over inside the box. Could someone advise if this is how Corsair honour their warranty?
  13. So the title says it , I had two Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DRAM sticks (CMW16GX4M2C3200C16) , which one of them turned out to be defective , and the support approved my RMA ticket. However I bought the product while I was in the United States during the spring semester which is a month ago , and the problem is that I'm currently in Egypt , so I can't go through the RMA process which requires me to send the product back to corsair. The only solution is to wait until I'm back and I can't wait this long. I checked if there were any authorized distributors in Egypt and it turned out that there's one , so my questions are can I go through the RMA process with the local authorized distributor? Will the international warranty allow me to get an RMA even if I'm abroad? My ticket number is #896810
  14. I'm looking to buy Corsair Void Pro headset from Amazon Warehouse. The item is described as "Used - Like New Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged." I've bought from Amazon Warehouse before and I got a brand new product in a damaged box so I presume the case is similar here. Is Corsair's 2 year Warranty still valid on these products, purchased from Amazon Warehouse?
  15. Hello, i am facing some issues with my Corsair H100iGTX water cooler. The pump seems to be not working properly. I had bought the device nearly 4 years ago. I had purchased the device from an authorised vendor. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the invoice and i don't think i can find it as it is a long time since my purchase. Is there any way to proceed with and my claim an RMA for the faulty device. I have all the original boxes and parts with me. Please let me know if there is any hope. My ticket no. Is #866595 Thank you.
  16. Hello, I am wondering on a progress update on support ticket 860560? It was submitted on Feb 26th, 2019 and i have yet to receive any communication that it has even been viewed, and is still listed in my tickets as "open" status. Any help in expediting this process would be greatly appreciated so i can get back in action! Thanks Corsair! Oak_22
  17. Hello, my ticket number is 84016, and I have not gotten a response in regards to an RMA for my Corsair RM750 PSU, which died on me last week. I would like to be updated on this matter since theres no one giving me any word on if my PSU is eligible for Warranty. Much appreciated!
  18. I opened a support ticket for an M-65 Pro RGB wired Corsair mouse back in November, it had a squishy right click and some weird noises. This was all well and good and I sent it in for an RMA replacement in early December (ticket 803014) The problem is, the replacement they sent me was a brand new product, but was in even WORSE condition than the one I shipped to them. BOTH the right and left click were squishy, the whole click assembly felt loose, and pushing in the left click required noticably more force than the right click. I already opened a brand new ticket over this (ticket 827719), but the concern I have is am I going to have to pay postage AGAIN for a product that was faulty before I even TOUCHED it? I'm in canada and paid over $20 to ship it, and having to pay that AGAIN for something that was out of my control seems a bit much, not to mention the additional waiting I'm going to have to go through for it.
  19. Hi Corsair and Community Forum I recently won an H100i v2 AIO at a local Corsair sponsored college event, which got me interested in building my own PC. I've finished buying all the remaining parts I need, which all have their separate warranty times. The only part which is still not covered is the H100i, which I've read, requires a sales receipt to be RMA'd. The only thing I could think of that could serve as proof of ownership is the event details. Could I register my water cooler another way? Best regards, another new member of Corsair community def not plagiarized :winking:
  20. Hi, Could anyone tell me the process to get my RAM replaced in India? I have already created a support ticket but just came to know that I need to walk into a Kaizen outlet. The concerned RAM stick is about 7 years old so I am not even sure if it is under warranty. The part number is CMV4GX3M1A1333C9. Also, do we need an invoice to claim warranty? I have lost mine.
  21. Hello, I bought a Corsair Certified Refurbished H100i AIO but I have a question about the warranty. In the rare case that the product would leak, would corsair pay for the damage or only on new products? I know they do cover the damage if it is a new cooler .
  22. Hello everyone! I'd like to ask here first before doing anything else. So my CX550M PSU will be almost two years old now. Bought it in July 2016. I had no problems till few months ago, so about September last year. The fan starts to make really annoying whirring / vibrating sounds. This happens only after I did something intensive with PC (so gaming, YouTube, etc.), so essentially after the PSU had some bigger load to deal with. It's definitely the fan in the PSU, I made sure by disabling every other fan in the case. Searching on the internet revealed this is pretty common, and I decided to try to flip the PSU. Originally, the fan was facing down pulling air from bottom of case. This is where the noise was annoying the most. So I flipped the PSU few weeks ago so that the fan is now facing inside the case. This, initially, helped but that lasted only few days and the noise / vibrations are back. I tried to clean the PSU and the fan a bit with compressed air, that did nothing. But I think the fan is removable without opening the whole PSU and thus voiding the warranty? (correct me if I'm wrong). Should I try to clean it that way (pulling it out?) Maybe even replacing it? What are my other options? I'm in EU, so there's 2 years minimum of manufacturer warranty, the CX-M PSUs have 5 years warranty. Should I wait two more months and then go for RMA directly with Corsair? I have bad experience with RMAs here in Eastern Europe. Usually, if they even bother to accept RMA (the retailer that is), issues like this, with fan noise etc., they take full 30 days to send the item back saying no issues have been discovered. I RMAd a Gigabyte GPU like this for almost a year. If needed I'll try to provide sound/video Thanks in advance for any helpful comments Regards Jan
  23. Hello, this thread is in accordance with a question I have on warranty policy. I have had the Corsair Pro RGB Wireless Ses for a little over a year now and they have been great and I love them; however, today all of a sudden, the charging port won't allow me to plug in the wireless adapter or the charging cable into it. I am just hoping to find out if the warranty can cover this and I can just get a new one shipped to me? Or if I can just buy the charging port separate? Or if there is something else I need to do? Any answer you can get to me would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. Hello, recently my HX750 PSU finally kicked the bucket. I was playing a 2D sidescroller game that is far from taxing on my current system and suddenly I saw a flash of light come from my case where the power supply is seated and my computer shut off. I've had my current build for 2.5 years and I've never had any other problems with my computer except for having to replace the CMOS battery a couple months ago. Upon further investigation I can see the PSU no longer works. I did the paperclip test with no luck and I tried it with a single cooling fan plugged in and the fans did not turn on but I did hear a faint click noise a second after I hit the power switch on my dead PSU. I tried that PSU in a another working computer setup and it did the same thing and it didn't power on that computer. I then tried my sister's working HX650 in my computer and my motherboard would not power on(The LEDs would not turn on, no fans, no response from the power button, etc). I made sure all the cords were connected properly and tried to start up my computer with a single stick of ram and the cpu hooked up but nothing was receiving power which leads me to think the motherboard is fried. I do know that when a power supply finally goes in the fashion that mine did it is possible for it to take out the motherboard along with it. So my questions are: 1) The warranty period for my specific PSU is 7 years and I've only had it for 2.5 years, would I be able to recieve a new/refurbished PSU? 2) Because it seems the PSU took my motherboard and potentially other parts with it, does the current warranty cover those damages or am I out of luck in that regard?
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