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Have issues? Unofficial FAQ and Quick Fix Guide


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You can find the old FAQ here if you're still on CUE 1.




If you are new to CUE 2 check out the Official Unofficial CUE 2 Manual. [HERE]


Links for past CUE builds





2.13.80 | 2.12.66 | 2.11.115 | 2.10.71

2.9.53 | 2.8.70 | 2.7.78 | 2.6.79 | 2.6.70 | 2.5.66 | 2.4.66

[Firmware 2.05 is recommended for devices on CUE 2.X]

1.16.42 | 1.15.36

[Firmware 2.01 (Scimitar) Requires CUE 1.15.36 or Higher]

1.06 FW For Scimitar

1.14.43 | 1.13.36 | 1.12.75

37.07 FW For Void Wireless [Yellow] [Carbon]

[Anything Above Requires Firmware 1.33 (Keyboards), 36.08 (Void) or Higher]

1.11.86 | 1.11.85 | 1.10.67 | 1.9.62

1.30 FW For Strafe, K65, K70, K95

1.8.122 | 1.8.120 | 1.7.106 | 1.5.108 | 1.5.80

[Anything Above Requires Firmware 1.20 or Higher]

1.15 FW for K65, K70, K95

1.3.91 | 1.3.70 | 1.2.77 | 1.2.47 | 1.1.57 | 1.1.56 | 1.1.48 | 1.0.657


If you are downgrading CUE builds please make sure you flash the old firmware on first.


Common Issues



-Corsair K55 Keyboard Disconnects

  • This is a known issue and a fix is being worked on. [Main Thread]
  • Try setting the lighting to high.
  • PM Corsair James for a beta firmware build.


-Problems with the USB Passthrough

  • Make sure both USB ports are plugged in. The pass through will not work without both ends plugged in.
  • Plug the USB port with the keyboard into the higher speed port.
  • Pass through will run at 2.0 speeds regardless of the ports used.


-Problems with Spilling Liquids on New Keyboard

  • Your warranty is voided, so if you need to open the keyboard to clean it do so.
  • Soak the keyboard in 70-99% isopropyl alcohol for 1 mins.
  • Wipe any remaining residue with a cloth.



-Problems with LEDs not Displaying the Correct Color

  • Contact Corsair Support ask for a hard firmware reset.
  • If that does not work RMA the keyboard with Corsair or exchange it with your reseller.


-Problems with Key Chatter, Key Double Typing

  • Confirm that you have this issue using Switch Hitter.
  • Try a different polling rate which can be adjusted using the switch in the back.
  • Try blowing some compressed air into the faulty key switch.
  • If that does not work RMA the keyboard with Corsair or exchange it with your reseller.


-Problems with Keys Outputting Random Letter's

  • Try the keyboard with and without CUE running.
  • Try the keyboard in another computer.
  • If that does not work RMA the keyboard with Corsair or exchange it with your reseller.


-Problems with Finding Cherry MX Blue RGB Keyboards

  • Stop looking, a lot of the ones on 3rd party sites are extremely overpriced. And you will not get a warranty if they are not an authorized reseller.
  • Corsair is only releasing MX Blue RGB keyboards in small batches due to problems with the Switches
  • This is a Cherry problem, not a Corsair problem. Contact Cherry.


-Problems with LED Flickering

  • Turn off 16.8 million color mode for older devices.
  • Update chipset and USB controller drivers. Update the BIOS. (3rd party USB controllers are known to cause flickering due to dropping packets. There is nothing Corsair can do to fix that. It is high recommended you download the latest drivers for the 3rd party controller and avoid using the basic drivers provided by Windows)
  • Check your logs for dropped packets. This indicates a USB controller issue. C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Corsair\CUE\logs


-Problems with Macro Execution Being Unavailable

  • Repair CUE with the installer. Please make sure you use the same installer as your CUE build.
  • Check for BIOS, chipset, and USB controller updates.
  • Delete the C:\Users\zhere\AppData\Roaming\Corsair\CUE folder.
  • Uninstall CUE, scan your registry with CCleaner or IObit. Restart and reinstall CUE.
  • Upgrade from Windows 7... [Window 7 Fix]


-Problems with Slow Special Charter Input

  • Check for BIOS, chipset, and USB controller updates.
  • Uninstall CUE, scan your registry with CCleaner or IObit. Restart and reinstall CUE.
  • Remove Asus GPU Tweak II


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Great guide :). Under 3.0 for Steam though, I think you meant USB 2.0.


It might be worth also saying that some motherboards can deliver more than the standard power over USB 2.0 (mine does "3X"), so it might be worth trying with only one connector even if using USB 2.0.

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Very nice Q&A. I would had the infamous "device not detected" by CUE after a reboot. Not sure there is a fix though but I guess Corsair is working on it. I have to manually quit and relaunch CUE on each startup because I'm not having access to my other software profiles.
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I ordered a Anker USB 3.0 PCI-e card today because I had read on the forums that the k70 RGB does not like the Intel z87 chipset on my Mobo. Here's hoping this fixes my issue, among the many others.


Intels newer chipsets + the "we have more USB 3.0 port" war that every mobo manufacture is engaged in = **** tone of 3rd party controllers. but good luck with your PCI solution

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Doesn't hurt anything. Inexpensive trial and error fix in the interim while waiting for Corsair to MAYBE fix the plethora of issues that are currently present.


If it doesn't work it's good to know Amazon has a good return policy.

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It worked. No more k70 RGB issues. The PCI-E card with it's own drivers did the trick. It does not freeze with any games nor steam and the caps lock freeze issue is no longer a problem.


Sucks I had to buy something for the k70 to work on my system. Guess they were right, the k70 does not like z87 chipsets.

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hi just recently got a new k70 rgb and had at least 3 of the above problems

my solution was much simpler and safer than messing with bios settings

also tried all the usb 2 n 3 port configs made no difference

go into msconfig and services tab, tick hide all ms services then disable all apply, restart,

then if that solves the problems you probably have a conflict with a unused/forgotten/broken/deleted program, as you collect loads of these over time...

then you can go back into msconfig and enable just the things you use or need regular

like corsair utility, anti virus etc etc one at a time restart between each, until you find the culprit

worked for me... now no freezes crashes (yet lol) and fast boot times


Hope this helps someone

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so i tried to connect my k95 to my brother' pc which is an amd platform, and it actually does not freeze anymore when i press the lock keys. ok 1 problem solved. my pc has another thing to trigger the lightning freeze beside lock keys, open steam, mumble, and some games (FF14 in my case). so i tried opening those apps... bam, it froze.

can someone confirm it doesn't happen on adapter / pci usb hub before i bought it?

my only 100% works fix for now is not to have any kind of animation lightning, even the type ones, which defeats the purpose of the very existence of this creature. my keyboard is in denial of itself, sad..

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Is CUE ever going to get updated to fix these issues? Or am I basically stuck buying a USB card for a keyboard that literally renders my computer unusable? I mean between my BIOS getting stuck and having to flip that switch on the keyboard to unstick it, my mouse randomly locking up when the keyboard is plugged in, the keyboard randomly ceases functioning (Yesterday it was doubling every key press for some reason until I completely rebooted) + all the other issues I have with it -- I'd honestly rather not spend a single $ more on what seems like a broken product.


Like I get that not everyone is having problems and it seems to be a motherboard configuration issue and it's nearly impossible for Corsair to test every configuration prior to launch -- but this is like the worst experience I've ever had with any peripheral device ever. I feel like at this point I should just cut my losses and spend the money on something that isn't going to have these problems, rather then gamble on a USB add-in.


Corsair seems to be working on an update (for the 16 million color thing) is that all that update will add? Or will they actually attempt to fix the issues users are having with certain motherboard configurations?

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