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  1. I think your misunderstanding the term ONLY here. Those products only get a warranty if they are purchased from an authorized reseller or Corsair but that doesn't mean that they grant you a warranty if the product isn't listed there. Storage isn't a huge part of their sales, and while it's odd that it was not included there is no inherent distinction between products that are and aren't listed there. The lack of inclusion doesn't create or imply a distinction.
  2. The system had an oopsy due to volume and some confirmation email didnt get sent. They should have received your order. I would call them at 1 (888) 222-4346 so they can check your order. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  3. Yea, sadly Corsair doesnt have any control over the resellers warranty policy. Hopefully, they did start a ticket with Corsair for you but only they would know the answer to that
  4. I believe that you are required to have a left click bound to some other key before you can rebind the left click, its to prevent people from killing the left click only to find that you really cannot operate a mouse without a left click
  5. Well in fairness to Steve he thinks all RGB software is terrible, he is a man of godly standards
  6. Please PM me your email and I can send you a FW file
  7. Those settings weren't meant to be messed with. It could negatively impact the operation of the mouse. I dont see them allowing people to edit those options again. If you need that feature I can always try to provide a link to an older version of the build.
  8. Sorry for the late reply, what do you mean by change the DPI-Step? Are you having problems setting up your DPI setting?
  9. Sadly, it isn't possible to change the position of the devices
  10. New update, Corsair James has released the 3.15 beta build. http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1002378&postcount=488 Please do let them know if it fixes your issue or not.
  11. They cant open it up for all devices because of licensing issues with some 3rd party software they use. Have you tried Wallpaper Engin with the Corsair wall papers?
  12. I believe that Dark Core does not support synced lighting due to the fact it drains a lot of battery power.
  13. I made that statement on Reddit. The disconnecting issue with the Plat coolers should be fixed in 3.14. I do not have a release date as that is out of my control, but internal testing has been positive. Sorry about the issues, it should be patched soon.
  14. It could be the buttons are broken? If you bind another type of action to the buttons do they work?
  15. hum, it doesn't switch between the first 3 profiles? TBH the K95 is really really old and it wasn't really designed for iCUE. You can make an action and rebind them to switch to the profile of your choice. I have mine set up so M1 goes to the previous profile and M3 goes to the next. M2 takes me back to the default profile.
  16. Had the same issue as you did on my old laptop when the demo devices were enabled. It thought a mouse was always connected.
  17. can you post a picture of the macro?
  18. do you have show only connected devices enabled?
  19. I believe they are planning to add support for all devices. Some devices may need a firmware update.
  20. All that means is Gigabyte validated Corsair's RAM to work with their lighting software which it does. It doesn't mean Corsair has any say over what options Gigabyte provides. I would uninstall Gigabytes software or reach out to their support team to see if they have a fix coming.
  21. It isn't going to happen sorry mate. Supporting those devices would just add bloat to the software and its already pretty fat as it is. They are really outdated and they just don't fit the RGB ecosystem. I dont think Corsair is in the business of suing people who make cool things. Not to mention the PR side of suing you for something as petty as using an unreleased SDK would be brutal, to say the least. Corsair devices will never work with Chroma, I can pretty much promiss you that. And I believe HUE has signed a contract with Razer. So you would have to talk to Phillips about that. Yea, those numbers are kinda pointless and silly.
  22. Corsair cant control what Gigabyte does on their end with their software. It would be up to Gigabyte, to add in an option to disable RAM control.
  23. If you are experiencing this issue in iCUE id start by checking your CPU usage to make sure it's not pegged. Also, try going into TaskManager and setting iCUE's run time priority to real time. Those posts are from CUE 2 which is no longer supported, and this issue was patched in CUE 2. Also, 2 of them are duplicates.
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