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  1. Are you running 2 lighting effects at once by any chance? Can you provide a photo of your lighting effects
  2. Rvh

    Need help

    hi in Icue go to your keyboard under devices hit actions, create a new action by hitting the + symbol select "macro" record the inputs you want, after you did that hit "delete all delays" then assign that macro to the desired Key in your case "d" make sure if you want a + symbol too to not forget to hit SHIFT before hitting the = key.
  3. Try and unplug the keyboard, then plug it back in while holding the Delete button. That'l eject the firmware and you can try to flash it again.
  4. Hi Yes they are, the Strafe board is a LED board.
  5. They're technically the same board :p: But ya let them enjoy their weekend dude! :D:
  6. Hi Contact support explain them your situation They will help you hard reset the firmware If that doesn't work rma. Happy new year.
  7. Hi I don't have a Katar, but the higher end corsair mice come with designated Dpi lights (M65, Sabre, Scimitar) If there is no option for dpi lights in cue it's not possible.
  8. probably meant his warranty?:) dunno just a wild guess.
  9. Hi I really wouldn't worry about accidently installing a "wrong" firmware You would've been struck at least 70 times by lightning before that happend. Lol
  10. Hi Contact support. That's what you should do lol.
  11. Hi Lux has a better LED controller It won't flicker in 16.8m color mode. Volume roller is the same Mx switches are the same just worded differently. The font is different to let more light through Lux also has passthrough usb Definitely go with the Lux board its the v2
  12. I had this on my old scimitar mouse, its pretty frustrating, but never on any of my wrist rests. Luckily im pretty sure (hang me if im wrong from the bow of your mighty vessel) you can get a replacement wrist rest Contact support i guess.
  13. Well done you completed the game Corsair RGB series lmao Heres your achievement : [(̲̅::pirate::)̲̅] Nah man, you're not insane, just winning that late game and long-term thinkin'. Enjoy that hard earned board man haha.
  14. Hi You have reflashed the firmware but did not hard reset the keyboard? Open a ticket and contact support, there indeed isnt a button to hard reset it, instead it's a combination of sorcery, they will help you out, if hard resetting doesn't fix it they will rma Given you're within the warranty period. Toodles.
  15. Hi Sounds like something is wrong with the firmware. You have to contact support by opening a ticket And manually reset it. As i'm not sure if i'm allowed to tell you how to do it. If that doesn't fix it support should grant you the RMA The esd issue has nothing to do with it nor does it plague The rgb series Rvh
  16. Hi I've had multiple scimitars, on a rough surface (polaris) i know what you mean by scraping But it went away after breaking in each time. Are you sure you used it enough? Or you can make your own like toasted suggested Besides that; maybe consider opening a support ticket If it indeed is a defect. Rvh
  17. It is the same font on the strafe rgb indeed. You're welcome :) Edit: went out of bed opened the strafe box, yes definitely 100% same font.
  18. Terabyte you forgot the Font on the keys is also different! so there is more light flowing through.
  19. hi, i would strongly suggest updating your "system specs" page. and supplying a little more info than this. and i'd check your usb drivers/motherboard drivers. make sure they're up to date!
  20. there is no difference aside from the logo switch. you're welcome!
  21. Hello! I cant fact check the souce rn, but i recall the only difference is logo's Old school sails Crab logo New sails
  22. no problem, feel free to let me know how it turned out!
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