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  1. ok cool, was looking for a wireless rgb keyboard too.
  2. Yea this is true, what IC's do these sp120 fans use then?
  3. At last someone figured it out! at the end of the day digital is digital, it doesnt care what signal it receives as long as the voltage is correct, now, ive had nothing but problems with my lighting node pro box with it flickering my fans all the time even after corsair sent a replacement, i have 6 sp120 fans, i will now connect these to my aorus x470 gaming7 wifis digital header, thanks for confirming this can be done fella. I have 2 sets of three sp120's 3 fans on two radiators, each set of three are wired together on the radiators, what i mean is i soldered 2 sets of 3 of the power plugs, if you do this only connect one of the threes speed sensor wires or the motherboards sensor reader will get confused and display 65535rpm its pointless connecting all 6 of the fans power plugs separately to the motherboard its a waste of sockets. so i did it in a 2x3 configuration as i say if you do this only connect the speed sensor from one of the three fans EDIT: The sp120 fans do not work as they're wired differently, however, check these out: These DO work flawlessly. 6 of em for 38 Quid. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07JQC1TKB/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1
  4. Do corsair sell any RGB wireless keyboards and mice?
  5. I cant even manage to set profiles for games, it just keep reverting back to the default one, this is embarrassing for corsair, 3 years and its still not working properly.
  6. Do corsair make any wireless RGB keyboards?
  7. Windows 10 wont run programs if theyre set to administrator at startup
  8. Problem with latest release here after a few minutes of running, its not the pc its fully stable.
  9. That's what i'm trying to find too.
  10. Now we need this added to the Corsair RGB ram, also wonder if corsair will make rgbw strips too
  11. Ive had icue installed since launch, and only just realized with led strips you can control the individual leds on the strip itself, this is awesome haha.
  12. Never mind, after uninstalling did a registry cleanup with wise reg cleaner, now its working ok.
  13. Simple, the hardware is not equipped to store all the available lighting modes when the usb data transfer has been stopped with icue, if you want this "feature" use corsair link instead. the node pro hasnt seen a firmware update for a long time.
  14. Ive had to uninstall icue completely, it was causing USB front panel problems and problems restarting my machine causing a bluescreen when i tried to restart. This is not good.
  15. I cant understand why rgb vengeance ram (non pro) only has 4 effects, this cant be a hardware limitation surely, its been on the market for years now and they still havent upgraded the ram lighting.
  16. I never checked for this but thats pretty lame man, such basic software should not be using that much ram, thats just ridiculous.
  17. Are corsair working on integrating icue with gigabytes RGB Fusion so we don't have to use gigabytes terrible software? It would be nice to have all the lighting in one place instead of having to install loads of conflicting softwares.
  18. Yes but how long has this been on the market now and it still isnt working properly. dont you think people spending this much money on pc parts are getting pretty sick and tired of it all?
  19. Not with the sp120 fans it doesnt
  20. should is not good enough, i have a car for sale, a porsche 911, i want $15,000 for it, but it has no engine, interested?
  21. What the flickering problem you mean? no chance of any software fix there, its a hardware fault, had to send my node pro box back for a replacement. I dont know who checks these things must be a blind man. i had all these stupid problems with my k70 rgb keyboard as well last year, i think im gonna knock corsair in the head and call it a day.
  22. Why are all these problems still present with this very expensive rgb stuff, this shouldn't even be released on sale if its not working properly, theres always bloody something not working properly im sick and tired of it.
  23. why is this software STILL reverting back to rainbow colours? why dont the colours get stored in the device itself instead of having it like a christmas tree every time i restart my machine, come on corsair! I want to set my whole machine to Aorus Orange, but at the moment it keeps going back to rainbow mode when the software isnt running, this is pretty poor.
  24. TBH im getting really sick and tired of it all, we dont need any adverts whatsoever in our software, ive spent loads as well, my machine cost 1,700 uk pounds and counting, as if there isnt already enough ads all over the damn internet. some people like myself RARELY play any games so game adverts are just another annoyance.
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