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Carbide Series 500r and AF120 Fans


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So I just recieved all the parts for my new rig in the mail. I am using a Corsair Carbide series 500r case, and knowing it had room for all sorts of extra fans I purchased the dual-pack Corsair AF120 fans to go with it. I assumed, since both things are Corsair products, that there would be no issues using them together.


Now that I have the case opened up and I go to attempt to install the fans in the top of the case, I find that neither the screws provided with the fans nor the "fan screws" provided with the case seem to be capable of mounting these fans in those positions. The only holes that line up with the 120mm fans are rubber-boardered and the screws simply slide down through it with nothing to grip. They also aren't long enough to reach the other side, not that any sort of bolt was provided anyway, as the fans have identical rubber boarders on their screw holes.


So are these fans simply incompatible with this case?

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