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Introducing CORSAIR AF ELITE High-Performance PWM Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fans

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Hey everyone,

With the summer heat around the corner, we're dropping a new set of fans to make sure your system maintains optimal temperatures. For those who prefer subtle fans that are more than capable of getting the job done, look no further. Here’s a few quick highlights:

  • Featuring CORSAIR AirGuide Technology, anti-vortex vanes concentrate airflow directly onto your components - perfect as an intake or radiator/heatsink fan.
  • Undoubtable durability that'll perform at silent noise levels, considering the AF ELITE's fluid dynamic bearing that has minimal friction between its shaft and bearing.
  • Capable of complete silence with Zero RPM mode support (via PWM), then put the work in once you get to gaming.

Click here for more information. We’ve put together a quick FAQ below.

Q: What fan controllers are compatible for zero RPM?

A: Compatible controllers include Commander PRO, COMMANDER CORE (provided with ELITE CAPELLIX/LCD coolers), and COMMANDER CORE XT (standalone available, otherwise provided with 5000T RGB/7000X RGB). With these controllers, our iCUE software grants the ability to easily adjust the cooling settings for each individual fan it is connected to. In addition to the preset cooling settings, you may also create your own custom fan curve. Skip having to go to BIOS!

Q: Are these the same fans on the iCUE RGB ELITE coolers?

A: Yep. If you haven't already, check out our iCUE RGB ELITE coolers!

Q: So... no RGB lighting?

A: No. wow, this feels weird


Let us know what your thoughts are or if you have any questions!

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Minus the RGB, How would these compare with the ML120 RGB Elite Premiums you brought out a few months ago ?


Nevermind just saw the specs, These don't perform as well as the ML's from a few months ago, Roughly the same airflow but much lower static pressure.

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