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K70 RGB recognised as K95


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Supposed to be firmware for a lot of things today so yeah


I've found that the dash/hyphen key does not work well though so I've raised a ticket about that now...!


------ only activates on pressing bottom left of the key, or bottoming out heavily, otherwise it just doesn't work


another problem :/ how have you come across it?

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Just typing, noticed a few times that the key didn't work properly so played around with it and found that. Tested it out and it's just not working properly. Put in another ticket ffor it - 6531517 (took 2 goes to type that hyphen)
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it's such an irony in itself that they delayed the product until they are sure that all the bugs and kinks are squared away in order to deliver a "positive customer experience"...and that's the result ?!?


Same bug here on my K70 RGB with German Layout (MX Browns) plus in addition mine doesn't turn of the lights when I shut down my PC. However, these two things might be connected anyway.


(Un)patiently waiting...

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