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Bring us Old Drivers


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My vengeance 1500 used to work well for years.

Then lastly I setted up a new computer.

As i see, this new driver (2.0.26) is making my mute blinking instead of constant red.(why the hell?)

The real fact is that if my mic is on, i can hear a constant bip...

Used to had this on cheap headsets. Now this is happens with this headsets, the sound increase if I mute mic and even produce audible sound to people on any software when muted by the (blinking) button. this happens on any softs(mumble, ts, skype...)


Never had that using the old 2.0.7 drivers version with 7.1 virtual surrounds.

That's impossible to recover old drivers over internet so you have to.


How that's even possible to provide decent hard with so poor soft support?

Keeping old builds available is basics in soft dev...


many thanks by advance.

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Thank you so much Toasted.

Unfortunately it seems this is not the version I had using with my old windows.

Interface was a slightly different, no one have any idea of which version it could be?

I might have downloaded it as the official software for vengeance 1500 by the crucial website 1 years ago. It had the same functionnality as the latest version but not displayed the same way.

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