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Memory Integrity issue with Drivers - Cannot turn Core Isolation on After iCUE v4.33.338/32.129

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So I keep getting an issue with my Core Isolation in Win11, I turn it On and then restart and it defaults back to Off, and prompts me with. image.png.50fc6af6d3e30287dd6052591b492dcc.png

I did some research and turns out that it can be caused by corrupt drivers, so I did an AutoRun on drivers and this came up:


I also noticed that in the version which is linked to this (Not Verified) driver doesn't even appear to be correct. 



I've uninstalled iCUE, deleted the folder, restarted, installed the previous version of iCUE v4.32.129 and tried to remove this file, But nothing seems to work. 

Any ideas about what is causing the issue?

Thanks in advance.

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So also came across this. Appears the CorsairLLAccess64.sys file is not certified, date expired.


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