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help! pc monitor no picture is it psu?


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Please can someone help.


I built a desktop pc about 6 years ago and its been running ok since then.


I turned it on the other day and although everything sounds ok. Fan spins on psu. Fan spins on cpu and hard drive is alive but the monitor shows no picture. :(


Ive tested monitor and lead with other pc and it works ok.


I also know hard drive is booting windows as i guess when its loaded and press windows key + U and pc shuts down.


So i borrowed a graphics pci-e card and swaped my one for one i know is working and fan on it spins but still no picture. :(


So I am down two possible things..


1) motherboard (some issue just related to pci slots)




2) corsair 520w psu (not enough power somehow to graphics card to provide signal?)


Please help. Any ideas welcome. I stuck what to do :(

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No monitor must be ok as I tried it on another pc and worked.


Also on current pc it does says on screen for about a minute 'detecting signal analog / digital' then nothing goes into standby.


I am stuck for options. Its odd. Looks like will be getting new pc i guess.

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Thanks very much for your advice here.. Sounds like must be motherboard then. Is odd that its just video thats gone but guess that could happen. Maybe runs on separate part of board.


Looks like might have to get new pc then, lasted 6 years so was a good run.



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