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  1. Hello. How do you have the PCIe cables going from the PSU to the 2x 2080 Ti's? You should have four separate cables, each with two connectors on them. If you were to use only one connector from each cable, rather than two, does the problem change?
  2. That's a REALLY OLD PSU. Are you sure you want to use it? But as stated earlier: When you have THREE 8-pin connectors, you can use one pig tail on two of those connectors. The GPU doesn't consume THAT MUCH power.
  3. No motherboard "requires" two 8-pin EPS12V connectors unless you're overclocking with LN2. And since you're using a 10 year old PSU, I don't think you're overclocking with LN2. 😉
  4. 50°C is the ambient operating temperature. And you just explained why it ran cooler in the old case. In the old case, it was fan up, so heat would rise away from the PSU's PCB. Even though cases tend to have shrouds these days, I never buy one without ventilation. And... I run the PSU with the fan pointing up. Fan down creates two phenomena that's I'm not easy with. 1. heat rising into the PCB. and 2. lack of air flow. You have filters that fill with dust and then there's no air intake.
  5. Does it only do it on a cold boot? In other words, if you shut down from within Windows, don't turn off the PSU from the switch on the back, and then turn it back on with the case power button, does it still do this?
  6. That's not the PSU if we're talking about you pushing the button on the front of the case. The two pins on the power button go to the motherboard and then the motherboard tells the PSU to turn on. For some reason, the motherboard is not holding onto that power on signal. Maybe try updating your BIOS? Could be a known issue with whatever motherboard you're using.
  7. How is the PSU's position, ventilation, etc. different in the 1000D vs. the "old case". What was the "old case"?
  8. Actually, there are some cheap ones out there that only do high line voltage. As I said in my previous post:
  9. Weird. So what are you doing, exactly? Running on UPS power and turning the PSU on or is the PC already on and you unplugged the UPS from the wall?
  10. You shouldn't be hearing it from 2 meters away, that's for sure. Might be defective.
  11. Nah. An RMx should work fine with a cheaper standby UPS. Have you tried the "pull the plug while something is on the UPS" test with any other hardware, or just the PC?
  12. There are GPUs that require 3 PCIe connectors. Not need 3 PCIe cables. The newest RMx has six PCIe connectors. The reason for the three EPS12V is because Nvidia originally stated that they would be adapting 2x EPS12V to 12-pin for the Ampere FE cards. Then, at the last minute, changed that to 2x PCIe to 12-pin. By then it was too late to change the RMx cable configuration. If ever you need different/additional cables, simply contact Corsair tech support and request a cable.
  13. I see some EU and UK product in Corsair's Almere warehouse. Now when/if any of that inventory end up at Alternate, I can't say. :(:
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